Sunday, January 12, 2014

Spring on my mind

First, another Kim Diehl flimsy from her book,
Homestyle Quilts.
I decided to machine applique this project, so it went pretty fast.  I am debating on quilting it myself, but I sure would love to see some fancy quilting in those borders.  I will finish it up with a scrappy binding.

Then, a small quilt designed by Lori Smith.
It is wool on flannel.  My plan is to quilt it with big stitch quilting and then frame it. 

Now time for a little humility.
People do not believe me when I tell them I sew in chaos.
The other morning I had to laugh at the level of chaos that existed in my sewing room.
My main sewing area.
Quilts in various stages draped over the chair, beckoning me to work on them.
4 different projects on the design wall.
The infamous craft closet! Believe it or not, this is when it is looking fairly organized.  I know where everything is in there.  If I clean it up, I cannot find a thing!
Well, I have sufficiently embarrassed myself, so I am off to watch the 49er's football game and do some handwork...lots of it to be done.
Hope you are enjoying a pieceful day!


  1. Thank you for the peek at your sewing room. LOL. Mine is worse, but then I haven't cleaned (hoed it out) for .. months. (see too ashamed to admit how many).

  2. Nothing to be ashamed of - I'm in the same boat with plenty of projects all happening all over my 'Palace'. When I tidy it stays that way for about a day!! Love the projects you are working on :-)

  3. No need to be embarrassed Cheryl. If this is the madness to your method for completing so many beautiful quilts then kudos to you! I love everything you create in your busy sewing room!

  4. It has not stopped you from making these wonderful projects so it must work for you. I would not a change a thing ;-)

  5. Congratulations on your bravery to reveal your mess. It is comforting to know that I am not alone. Despite the mess, it is true, we do know where to find our things. Although I do have a short list of items that have fallen into the black hole. I don't worry, eventually we meet up again.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing...I don't feel so bad, giggle! Love to see all those wonderful projects!

  7. Love your project!

    Your sewing room is fabulous. I can't even get into mine. LOL

  8. Love the Kim Diehl project. It's a organized mess, just like mine room. Don't change a thing.

  9. Love both of these finishes! Your sewing area is a "happy chaos"! What matters most is the "system" that works for you! :-)

  10. Great Kim Diehl quilt, and I always love everything by Lori Smith, then you add wool and...WOW! Your chaos looks like a fun place to work/play!

  11. I sew in chaos too. Guess our minds work alike.
    Your new projects.....wonderful. I recognized the Kim Diehl design. One I would like to do but not any time soon. The little wool piece you are working on makes my heart sing. So sweet and small.

  12. I'm also sewing in chaos! You said it... it's same to me that if I clean my shelf then I can't find anything! Don't we just let the chaos bloom in this Spring;o) By the way your new projects are gorgeous! You always find so nice patterns.

  13. After getting carpet laid in my sewing room, purging and cleaning, I can't find a thing!
    Love your newest little prim quilt and your wool project.

  14. Creative chaos is good! Prairie Star Posies is so pretty, love all the color! Wonderful little guys, both of them, the flannel looks like wool. Great game!

  15. I love your sewing area. If I straighten up mine it might look as good as yours. Great quilt projects. Hugs

  16. I have to admit I wouldn't have pictured you in chaos. Your quilts always look picture perfect! I say embrace the chaos. For me, chaos happens but then at some point I have to clean it all up. I think we each just have to go with what works best for us. Love your newly finished quilt tops. You sure are getting a lot done. I've been watching a lot of football, but sadly just sit there like a lump! Good for you for being productive.

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  18. I think your sewing space looks pretty neat :-) If you spent time putting thing back neatly you'd never get anything done. At least that's what I tell myself when I get things out.........

  19. love. love. LOVE~!!~that little basket piece~!!



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