Friday, March 28, 2014

Went on a Little Sojourn

Just returned from an adventurous trip to Ecuador,
so this post is not about quilting.
I will get back to that once the business of life is all caught up on.
Matter of fact,
working on the last row of In the Meadow this morning.

This was one of my favorite experiences!
The women's center was created and built by local women using the money they make by selling handmade products.  They have a communal garden, education center and birthing place.  Rosa, the local midwife, explained their traditions to us.

The Giant Tortoise and a Darwin Finch on Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos.
Juvenile Iguanas. 
My husband frolicking with a sea lion. 
Lava tunnels.  The water here was full of sea turtles and eagle rays.
The blue-footed Booby. 

Hope you enjoyed.


  1. What a Amazing trip & Wonderful pictures !!!!!! Welcome home !

  2. Whoa! Sounds like the trip of a lifetime! Don't you just LOVE traveling?

  3. Great pics from you trip. Hugs

  4. nice pictures, thanks for sharing. I envy you a little bit for your wonderful experience. Take care. Martha from Rome, Italy.

  5. Looks like an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing!

  6. What an awesome trip. Wonderful experiences. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. ( loved the blue footed boobie!)

  7. You lucky gal! Looks wonderful and memories in photos to boot!

  8. What a wonderful and amazing trip that must have been! Beautiful pictures - thanks for sharing!

  9. Looks like a fabulous destination. Looks very colourful with lots of very interesting wildlife.

  10. an awesome trip to get to take and it looks as though it was interesting in many ways~!!
    thanks for sharing the fun travel shots.



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