Monday, March 7, 2016

The Stages of Life

I have contemplated the stages of life
 as they relate to my quilting endeavors.
First, is the infancy stage...
I am so full of hope and vitality that
I buy multitudes of new patterns and want to make each one.
Just a few in my queue and
I am anxiously awaiting a few more from My Red Door Designs this week.

Then comes middle childhood, where my imagination and creative juices go wild,
 hence working on several projects all at once.
My Garden, by Kathi Campbell of Heart to Hand,
is a new BOM program at The Olde World Quilt Shoppe.
Another Kathi Campbell project, October Garden.

During my adolescence,
I have a great passion for the project and make good progress.
Just the binding to go on this wall hanging,
Home is Best by Norma Whaley of Timeless Traditions Quilts.

Then the project moves into early adulthood where I see it as a responsibility; 
but I want to make my mark,
so I actually finish a few things.
Heart Table Mat, designed by Norma Whaley.
 Flower Baskets, by Lisa Bongean.
Coxcomb Medallion, by Lisa Bongean.

In the midlife of the project,
I start to contemplate whether completing the project will truly enrich my life.
Scrap Basket Blossoms,
from Kim Diehl's book, Simple Applique.
Two of the side borders are quilted, but I doubt I will finish the other two.
I made this quilt while teaching Kim's applique technique.

As a benevolent, mature adult,
I consider donating the project to raise funds for a worthy cause! 
And in those last few years,
I am sure wisdom will help me let go of the projects that just don't matter.


  1. I could relate as I read. I need to weed out the things that I know now I never will make. Have donated a few things myself in the past year that once seemed so important to me.

  2. Wise... and loved seeing all the eye candy.

  3. Hi, Cheryl
    Not sure whether or not you remember me - Darlene from Quilting Daze.

    Your post caught my attention this morning and struck a chord. Thank you for sharing.

    I've thought a lot about you in recent weeks. Why? I was trying to figure out a way to contact you about asking you if you would consider giving me a private lesson (or two or three) in working with wool. I have a ton of projects and yet they sit because I'm very intimidated. Is this something you would do? Of course, I'd be very happy to pay you.

    I hope to hear from you.

  4. I enjoyed reading your thoughts today. I can relate to all of those stages. In fact, I can go through all though stages in a week!

  5. This all makes perfect sense to me! And I'm sure most of us have gone through these stages with projects too! All great pieces... isn't it funny what we think about while stitching? Good therapy... :-)

  6. I can relate to all of them!!

  7. A good description. I am old enough now that I know I can't finish all my quilts that have been started or planned. I don't mind donating them somewhere so that a UFO can be sold and the money used for a charity. And some other person gets to deal with the finishing process. Same with patterns I purchased with good intentions. The kind of quilts I make now are not what I made several years ago, so many patterns no longer interest me.

  8. Boy did you hit the nail on the head! I loved the accompanying pics too!

  9. This is just so true (and also so funny!) It's just good to know that I am not the only one still struggling and trying to find my quilting 'niche' (and here I thought there was something wrong with me!). I seem to bounce all over the place and today I guess I'm in back in the infancy stage - aarrrggghhhh ;))

  10. Loved your story but disappointed with the ending. Not finishing a Kim Diehl project. Nooooooooo. If it is hand quilting I will finish it for you and send it back.

  11. LOVE this! So well said. I think I'm creeping toward maturity.

  12. You do such beautiful work Cheryl! It seems we all get snared by new projects while old ones are moldering. I'm trying to finish the old ones, at least that is what I keep telling myself, but meanwhile there is new stuff taking me time. Go figure! But I'm happy!

  13. I agree, we have to pick and choose! Go with what you really love and what brings you the most joy...and then move on to the next!


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