Thursday, June 9, 2016

It has been awhile...

so thank you for still following my blog,
We have moved back to the cabin for the summer,
 so perhaps I will have some time to actually write a few more posts.
I have been busy since I last posted.

During the 9 hour car ride to the cabin,
I sewed the bindings onto several quilts.
A Stroll through the Garden,
by Norma Whaley.
Okay, this has got to be one of my all time favorites and I am not a 'prim' girl.

Desert Dwellers, the row I designed for TOWQS Arizona Row by Row Experience.
Sorry for the poor picture.
The Saguaro cacti are chenilled.
The applique is wool.
Thank you to my co-worker, Lin, for such a great idea for our row.

I am making the shoppe sample of Merrie Halloween, 
designed by Buttermilk Basin.
It is offered as a BOM.
I am not known for my embroidery skills, but you know something...
I am really starting to like it!

I was blessed to be able to attend Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City in May.
One of the things I enjoyed most was hopping to all the quilt shops in the area.  The ladies at My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe in Logan were so nice and boy, oh boy, do I envy their space!
However, Village Dry Goods in Brigham City was my favorite.
They had a wall of reproduction fabrics that made my heart skip a beat.
American Quilting was inspiring as well. 
 Their workroom was to die for.  
Has to be when you have hundreds of participants in your Mystery Sampler program!! 
A lot of my time when I work is spent making kits.
Yikes, I cannot imagine making hundreds of them.

The one thing I came home very excited about was Kim Diehl's latest book,
Simple Christmas Tidings.
It was so exciting for me to meet her.
You all know how much I love her designs.
I actually brought home an autographed copy of the book.
And I had to rush home and start making projects from it. 
Luckily, I had the same fabrics she used in her originals.
I want to make almost everything in the book!

I also came home with new projects from My Red Door Designs and 1894 Cottonwood House.
I made two of My Red Door Designs projects.
One here and one is on display at the shop.
I have not made my Jack from 1894 Cottonwood House yet,
but I will share when I do.

The last two things I came home with were a Sue Spargo Embroidery book...
I told you I was getting in to it...
and the pattern, The Raven, by Blackbird Designs.
I am in my middle childhood again...
so full of enthusiasm and creativity. 

Heading back to the valley of the sun on Sunday for a few weeks.
Excited to welcome my son's second son on Tuesday.
Cannot wait to meet him!

(oh yeah, forgot...I also joined Panama Pyramids on Facebook.  My magazine should be at the house when I get home.  I have not bought the templates yet.  Want to place wagers on if I ever start them. Love the quilt and what a great use of scraps.  Besides, picking different fabrics for each pyramid is right up my alley.)


  1. You've been busy and that long car ride can help get projects completed. Sounds like you had fun at market, visiting shops and meeting Kim. Wow! I've also plan on joining the pyramid piecers, but so far have just gotten the templates. I already had the magazine. I have to get a few things moved along before I do. Congratulations on a new grandson. New babies are always a blessing.

  2. Binding those quilts was such a great use of time in the car.
    Each of these finished pieces is beautiful!
    Your Row design is fabulous - love the chenille cacti.
    I also love your sample block for the Buttermilk Basin BOM.

    Happy for you to have met Kim Diehl! What a treat to have an autographed copy of her new book! I look forward to seeing what you make from it.

    Good to see you blogging again, I've missed your posts!
    Wishing you a wonderful time at the cabin!

  3. I like the tombstones and pumpkins piece. A unique design.

  4. I'm at a loss for words about your projects--love them all.
    But I can't believe you were in Logan!!! That is where I live (well, about 3 miles out of town), only 15 minutes southwest of "Girlfriends" and 35 minutes north of Village Dry Goods (which I LOVE). Isn't that wall of repros great--they did that recently and I can't stay away from it when I am in the shop.
    What an opportunity lost. Would have loved to meet you at either shop or have you out to my home.

  5. Welcome Back !! I missed your posts and following what you are working on

    All of your projects and just AMAZING !

    Have fun at the cabin and be sure to take lots of pictures of those beautiful Wildflowers while you are there :-D

  6. The pace of life has not slowed down for you. I hope that you enjoy a slower paced holiday.
    How wonderful to meet Kim Diehl, I know how much you adore her work. I have met some of my "quilting heros" and they have all been super friendly and helpful. I hope your experience was the same. Best wishes for the safe arrival of the new family member. Had to sit on my hands when I saw the Panama Pyramid project. Must finish a few projects first.

  7. Love those quilts they are amazing.


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