Saturday, July 25, 2020

Life is good!

An update,
Hocus Pocus is pieced.
I need to sash it before it goes to the quilter;
but I have restricted cutting space here at the cabin,
so it will be a flimsy when I return to AZ.

Botanical Sketchbook is a flimsy!!
This is so me!
I have a degree in Biological Sciences and Botany was one of my favs...
no secret with my love of wildflowers!

Desperately missing Sue Spargo's daily sampler circles,
I decided to do my own Colorado wildflower study.
This study is of the wildflowers I see on my hikes up above the treeline...
Purple Fringe, Snowball Saxifrage and Cushion Phlox so far.
Waiting on some yellow ribbon that is on a slow boat from China to finish it up 
with a cluster of alpine Sunflowers,
known as Old Man of the Mountains.
I have plans for a study that includes Colorado Columbine,
but it is that same slow boat that is holding me up.

Next on my list of WIPS is my Cactus Sampler by Laura Heine.
Background fabrics are sewn together.
Now to start the cacti. 

Also started a pouch by Ariane Zurcher
called River Rocks.
Hopefully, pictures next time, 
but I am waiting on threads for these projects too. 

We are gearing up for homeschooling.
High speed internet due to be installed Aug. 6th.
A printer has been installed.
I enjoy teaching my granddaughter.
She gets a kick out of me being the teacher.
We have been doing some review with telling time, reading comprehension, 
spelling, money and math problems.
Her mom is the principal and computer teacher.
Grandpa is the science and shop teacher.
Hammer and nail skills are a must!

All I know is that we are so blessed to be in the cool, safe mountains.
Next week,
a camping trip to Ice Lakes near Silverton.
I cannot wait...
tons of wildflowers to see.


  1. Your Botanical Sketchbook is beautiful. It is so rich in detail and the fabrics are perfect. I love everything about it.

  2. The cooler mountains are providing you with beautiful inspiration.

  3. I love everything I see here. Such excellent work!
    Sounds like your granddaughter has a great school to attend--wonderful staff. :)
    I hope all your items are on the same slow boat and arrive together soon! :)

  4. I have many times admired the botanical design. You did a marvelous job of finishing the top.


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