Monday, July 13, 2020

One step forward and two steps back!

I was buzzing along with Hocus Pocus,
piecing the individual pumpkin blocks together until I got to Row 3.
Oops, pattern designer asked for too many medium gray pumpkins,
and now I need another large gray pumpkin.
So I cut the component parts, started sewing them together, 
and oops, put the corner squares on the wrong corners!
Time to take a break and revisit on another day!

I have made progress on a Christmas present for my son and his wife,
Bringing Home the Tree
by Buttermilk Basin.
Block 1 is stitched and block 3 is almost done.

With the closing of The Olde World Quilt Shoppe,
I got all my samples back.
I brought several of them up to the cabin and
I love how they adorn the walls of the cabin!
An all time favorite Lori Smith quilt that I added a little something to the borders.
This Norma Whaley project is perfect for the hallway.
A great patriotic project by Lisa Bongean.
This Heart to Hand project fits perfectly over the back doors.
My miniature sampler that won me a blue ribbon from the AZ Quilters Guild
now hangs in my bedroom.
Added to my wall of small quilts too!

Finished the last 3 circles of my Toned-Down Sampler.
A flamingo of my own design.
Had to put his feet in a flower bed since I did not plan too well.
The jellyfish at the bottom is my own design also.
Will need to quilt and bind it when I get back to AZ.

Speaking of going home...
School had been pushed back to September for my grandchildren,
so my daughter and the girls will stay here with us through August.
My son and his family are looking to join us as well.
A safe, cool place to wait and see what our lives will be in the future.


  1. So many beautiful quilts. I love how you display them. Hugs.

  2. Your quilts look fantastic decorating your cabin. It's a beautiful place to display them and the style is perfect. Wow! your flamingo is so awesome. The whole piece is absolutely stunning!!

  3. Very fun pumpkins.
    I love all the quilts you have decorating your cabin. They are from some of my favorite designers.
    Your Toned Down Sampler Circles always leave me gobsmacked. And you designed the flamingo and jellyfish?!? Impressive.

  4. LOVE your Hocus Pocus colors. The flamingo is awesome. Can't wait to see where all those creations land. Very cool.

  5. What a gorgeous cabin, accented by your lovely quilts! Your work is so pretty!

  6. Your sample quilts that returned to you are a delightful array. I recognize some of the designs. I made one or two of them myself.


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