Friday, March 26, 2021

Something New and Something Old!

I'll start with the something new... 
Peeps and Carrots,
adapted from Carrot Sticks by the Pattern Basket.
It was my 9 year old granddaughter's idea to add the bunnies 
and what a clever idea it was!
This was gifted to my DIL.

Working on this table runner for my daughter from a Shabby Fabrics pattern.
I will make a coordinating wall hanging, but this may be the only one done by Easter.

Week 1 & 2 of Rock the Block...
a free sewalong from Sew Kind of Wonderful 
with video tutorials on Facebook each week!
I have always been curious about Sew Kind of Wonderful patterns
 with their curved piecing.
When I did teach beginning quilting,
 I always told my students I could help them with almost everything,
except curved piecing.
Well, it was time to conquer my fear.
The curves are so gentle, and they oversize and square everything up;
so it is much easier than I thought it would be.
Notions and special rulers are not my thing,
but I now own 3 of their QRC rulers...
I know Jan is laughing right now.
I am really enjoying the challenge and using up stash! 
Sadly, I don't think this will put much of a dent in it.
These fabrics are from my Edyta Sitar collections.

Last weekend we celebrated a landmark birthday.
My husband turned 70!
When did we get so OLD!
My son arranged to have a chef come to our house to cook a fancy meal.
It was perfect...the kids got to run around and play while we enjoyed our meal.
Safer and more fun for everyone than going to a restaurant.

Betty, Monica, Kathy and I continue to piece, quilt and bind donation quilts.
Kind of had a green theme going on this month.
This pile will be going to Betty today to get bound.

It turns out I have some pretty severe stenosis in my neck that has lead to my right hand weakness.
That and mild bilateral carpal tunnel from the hours of hand stitching.
Even though I have enjoyed my stay at home hobbies,
they have taken a toll on my body...
too much slumping over and poor posture.
I knew quarantine increased my waistline,
but I did not realize the other health tolls until this week.

I am officially fully vaccinated now,
so I look forward to getting back to a normal lifestyle soon.
Now on to week #3 of Rock the Block.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Peeps and Carrots is incredibly clever! And I like those eggs in the runner.
    Good for you, conquering your fear of curved seams. With a good teacher and the right tools, they are fairly doable.
    A great family shot. I love the idea of having someone come to you and cook for your family. But any chef cooking at my house would have to bring his own knives. Mine are awfully dull. :)
    Good of you and your friends to be doing all these donation quilts.
    Sorry to hear of the health issues. Can they do anything for you? I think my Dad was 80 when he had surgery on his neck for something causing weakness in his hands. I don't recall if it was the same thing, but it sure helped!

  2. Looks like a fun gathering! happy birthday to your hubby!

  3. I love that your family was able to get together and celebrate your husband's birthday. The chef idea was super clever. Glad you're conquering your curved piercing phobia. I haven't done much with curves as well. Sorry you've been experiencing some discomfort from all your beautiful quilting. Hope there's a simple solution. Seeing the rail fence design in your donation quilt pile is a good reminder of a simple and pretty pattern for quilts that are to be given away.


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