Tuesday, February 1, 2022

A Little Waffling!

Did not take too long to lose my resolve. 
A quick wall hanging per the request of my daughter.

I love how she displays the quilt I made her last year. 

Even though I waffled for just a moment,
I have made progress.
1. Finish HOME in time for my son's anniversary!
Washed and ready to gift.
I used a wool batt and it is so soft and cuddly.

The first 2 blocks of 'If the Hat Fits' are done.

And a few more animals have been added to my mini-Folktales.
I love the texture on the crocodile and the flowers on the Baobob tree.

This is our Kenya camp where the giraffe stood outside our tent.

Next month I should have completed the last block of Posh Penelope.
The fabrics are purchased and all but one block has been constructed.
If I keep up this pace, I could conceivably complete my list by the end of the year.

However, I will be going to Tucson for a Sue Spargo retreat to do her Indigo vases class
and my first 3 blocks of my Trade Winds BOM are on their way.
Both of these projects will take quite a bit of time to do.

I have gotten hooked on Wordle like many others.
At least it is one word a day, 
so I cannot play it all day.
Thank goodness, because I love playing it.




  1. I don't think you were waffling. Your Love banner is ready for February. The mini folk-tails are awesome. I'm glad you're able to go to Sue's retreat. Your stitching is always beautiful.

  2. When daughter makes a request, what else is a mother to do??
    I love the way the houses in the HOME quilt seem to have faces and be talking to each other. :)
    Your work on mini-Folktales is incredible! WOW!!
    Wonderful for you to attend the Sue Spargo retreat!

  3. Oh my goodness! Such lovely projects you have finished or are working on!! I LOVE your mini folktales!! Have fun at your Sue Spargo workshop!


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