Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh so, OSO, clever!

Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. is OSO (bear in Spanish by the way) very clever. She complains about doing math, but her math skills must be exceptional. She has figured out how to get 4 small HSTs and 1 larger HST from the same 5" charm square. Therefore, none of the fabrics were repeated in the paw blocks. They only appear again in the border. How does she do it?! Needless to say there was very little waste with this one.

Which one? Why this one, appropriately called 'OSO.' The fabric line is Looking back by Moda.

My daughter also pieced 'Plan C' as a shop sample this summer. We both loved the cheery Aunt Grace fabrics. Whitney at the OWQS did a great job, as usual, with the quilting. Kits for both these quilts and 'Little Red' are available from the girls.

My summer Schnibbles project was 'Little Red.' I call my version 'Little Orange' and love the Judie Rothermel border fabric from her Twelve Oaks line. At first glance, it appeared to be a tricky one with all those small pinwheels coming together. However, it was easier than it looks. Again, it was Carrie's inventive way of making each snowball block! Please buy up all the kits of this one so I can take mine home!

To finish off the parade, the following two pictures are of 'State Fair' and 'Decoy.' I use my square Schnibbles to seasonally decorate my dining table at our cabin. The Uncle Sam I carved many years ago in my 'primitive' phase.

Speaking of primitives, today I bought Renee Plains book, "A Bird in Hand." My first project will be her Notebook cover for my color journal. I will be teaching a color seminar in October where I can show it off. Then comes, what else, Watching for Autumn with a plump pumpkin. I may have all the fabrics she used in my stash!

Progress is being made on the Autumn Harvest quilt. The border is on and the first few applique shapes have been cut and placed. Stay tuned for further updates...


  1. So many Schnibbles!! I have two kits sitting on my sewing room- Decoy and Little Red by your fabric selection! I'm very excited about Little Red one as the fabrics are soooo yummy :) We all looked at the sample quilt in the shoppe the other day... And can't wait to see your journal book cover, too!!

  2. Hi Cheryl,
    So glad to hear you got Renee's book. I loved working with her on it and want to make every project in it! The notebook cover was one of my favorites, too. I enjoyed seeing your lovely parade of quilts. I especially liked 'Little Orange'.
    Heirlooms by Ashton House

  3. Hi Cheryl,
    Had to come visit after you left a comment on my blog, and l love the quilts you have shared in this post. l especially love Little Orange, and am a great fan of Judie's fabrics.

  4. What a beautiful quilts, I esp. love the orange and the OSO one. from that last I love the fabric you used in this quilt !!

  5. Wow all the quilts look wonderful. The Schnibbles quilts are addicting.

  6. I loved looking at your quilts and am really intrigued with your Little Red. Is there a pattern available? I would love to make one.
    Cathy J


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