Monday, August 16, 2010

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

I have seen so many beautiful antique quilts that I just had to share the only one in my possesion. This was probably made by my maternal great grandmother in the early 1900's. Not being a quilt historian, I am just taking a guess at its age. It is in very sad shape. The binding is coming off and as you can tell, the batt is clumped. I don't want to attempt to restore it because then the hand quilting will be lost. So I drape it over the chair in my sewing room.

The next quilt is the first pattern I ever designed and published. I had seen an antique quilt set in the same manner and knew that Judie Rothermel's Indigo and Pewter line would do it justice. I call the pattern 'Ladder to Success'-version 1.1. My purpose was to design attractive quilts that beginners could make and be successful at. My daughter has a degree in graphic design, so she laid out the pattern and did all my illustrations for me.

And the final picture of the day is 'Ladder to Success'-version 1.2. Again, I used Judie's Nottingham Village fabrics for this one. Brown and blue quilts are so yummy! I have a few more blocks to make and then off to the quilter. Hopefully, my DD will have time to make the few changes necessary to the first version and then we will print. The girls at the shoppe have kindly taken the patterns on a consignment basis.

The one thing I now have is a deeper appreciation for pattern designers and editors. It is not that easy. How much or how little instruction do you need to include. What is the best way to describe a block. Don't be too wordy or you will lose your audience. Etc.,etc. This last one may truly be my last formally written pattern. I will continue to design and share with friends, but the effort so far has totally outweighed the end result. In other words, they aren't selling! :( Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


  1. Well, l for one love it!!!! In fact l love both color ways. Don't give up. l had just the same coversation with an amazing quilt designer on the weekend about writing for the beginner, which, let me tell you, she does not! l too have been writing patterns for quilt magazines for a few years, and while the work involved is quite large, it does get easier. Write to me privately and we can chat. l may be able to share a few ideas with you.

  2. Hi Cheryl,
    Your quilt patterns are wonderful and the color combos you picked looked great. I remember when the Indigo and Pewter fabric line came out, I bought a bunch of it! I know how challenging writing patterns can be but I hope you'll keep creating your patterns. Let me know how I can buy one. And thanks for sharing the photo of your great grandmother's quilt. What a wonderful reminder of her.

  3. I like both versions of the Ladder to Success. Keep at it with your patterns and I am sure you will succeed. Thanks for sharing your grandmother's quilt. I am so envious of you having a family heirloom like that!


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