Friday, September 9, 2011

Rainy Day Blues???

A crisp, clean rain is falling today and I am loving it!
US Open tennis to watch and sewing to be done...serendipity!
I finished piecing Holiday Happenings, designed by Monique Dillard.
I have a long list of tops that need to be quilted now. 
I saw an interesting adaptation of cross hatching on Diane Gaudynski's blog called Houndstooth.
It might look interesting on the borders.  My first inclination is just to do continuous line quilting in the pieced blocks and maybe wreaths in the light squares. 

Any ideas on how to machine quilt this themed?

Finished 2 more blocks for my sampler.

Take a look at the Flickr site if you haven't lately.
I seriously love these blocks in the brown and pink colorway!

Slowly, but surely, I am appliqueing those little willow tree leaves on the last block of Autumn Houses.
What a painful process it has been...7 more to sew down.

At night, we hear a bone chilling, bleating sound that we could not identify. 
Yesterday evening we discovered its source.
A coyote has moved into the valley behind the cabin. 
A family of foxes has inhabited the area for the last few years.
Mr. Fox is the source of the noise.
He is admantly barking (sounds more like bleating though) at the coyote to leave his feeding grounds.  
I love Mr. Fox's tail.  

My rainy day goal is to finish those darn leaves, and then finish piecing the center of Pinwheels for Caroline.  Wish me luck and don't forget to leave any suggestions for how to quilt my Holiday Happenings.


  1. I like the Houndstooth. I would give that a try.

  2. Your quilt will be beautiful no matter how your decide to quilt. Love your houses.

  3. Oh how I just love this quilt ! Your quilt blocks are wonderful what a amazing quilt this will be when you are done AND the applique WOW! Another gorgeous quilt in the works , hang in there the end is coming near LOL You have a had a very productive week.

  4. I love your quilt. So lovely and for this time of year. Your Autumn House is quite charming. Very nice:)

  5. Table topper turned out great! Love it square.
    Sorry, no help with a quilting design but I do like the Houndstooth. But holiday themed would look nice, too.

    Enjoy the rain... wish it would rain here!

  6. You always make the right decision when it comes to quilting so I will leave that up to you. The quilt top is beautiful!!
    Another great house block is almost done. Enjoy the rain!!! I wish we would get some too.

  7. I would probably just do an all over design because there is enough going on with the mix of fabrics, but which ever way you choose will look fantastic anyways! I hope the fox and cayote work out their domestic issues without any bloodshed!!!!

  8. Holiday Happenings is so cheery! The hardest part - how to quilt it.
    I can't see how you can fit 7 more leaves on that block. It's beautiful!
    Hope you have a quieter night.

  9. Your Holiday Happenings is gorgeous, Cheryl. I just love those vibrant reds and greens together. It's so festive. As usual, you did a marvelous job!

  10. Holiday Happenings looks very festive. Your students will be motivated by the gorgeous design.
    As for quilting patterns, maybe strings of bells or holly? Ribbons or berries?
    The border fabric suits the piece so well.
    I love your sampler colours.
    Are your leaves finished by now?

  11. Beautiful projects you are working on! We hear coyote's almost every night with that bone chilling howl/yip that they make when they've caught their prey.

  12. I love your Holiday Happenings :-) I might quilt holly or trees in the borders and more holly with some crosshatching in the center. No matter what it will look great! I love to hear about your animal neighbors.

  13. love your new little quilt, perfect fabrics :)
    love it!!!!
    I think I would try Diane's houndstooth. your sampler blocks are just perfect.
    thanks for sharing.
    I agree what a tale, amazing you can get pictures of the animals like this! how close are you when your taking those pictures?

  14. Your quilt top turned out beautiful! Congrats on getting to the last block of your Autumn Houses. Pain or not - that willow tree is GORGEOUS!


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