Monday, November 7, 2011

2011 Houston International Quilt Festival

  I am back from the festival, but don't have a lot of photos to share. 
From the grand prize winners, I only selected one quilt to share with you.
Loading Dock
by Mary Buvia
Greenwood, Indiana

The festival this year seemed to be all about art quilts, heavily embellished and masterfully machine quilted.  Although I admire these artisans, my interests lie in the traditional quilts, which there were very few of.
Challenge 2
by Georgina Buschauer
Houston, Texas

This quilt was one of the few traditional quilts that really attracted my eye.  Its design source is Elly Sienkiewicz and won a ribbon for Merit Quilting, Hand.
And her hand quilting was exquisite!

Star Garden
Ardie Skjod
Found in the small exhibit of American Traditional Quilts.
I loved how she fussy cut her fabrics.

I did enjoy the exhibit "Texas Quilts Today...", but could not take photos.
And, I missed the doll quilt and bed exhibit. 
This small exhibit of houses designed by a variety of fabric artists was visually rich...
and very whimsical!
But after a whirlwind walk through the quilts, I headed to the vendors.
It didn't seem as crowded as I had remembered, but I still would start down one aisle only to collide with a mass of determined shoppers and quickly retreat.  The number of choices I was faced with was totally overwhelming for me.  As a result, I came home with very little, which actually makes me happy.
I did brave the Primitive Gatherings booth, but escaped unscathed when I saw the long line at the register.  I picked up and put down several patterns in the Country Threads booth...when will I ever make all the quilts I already have patterns for?

Lori Smith's booth was also very tempting, but all I purchased was some wools from Mary Flanagan Woolens, where she gave me permission to photograph her wool version of one of Lori's patterns.

I also picked up some fabrics and hexie papers to get started on my daughter's wedding quilt.

There was a large number of antique quilt vendors with high quality wares.  I came very close to coming home with one, but my budget just would not let me make the leap.  In Mary Koval's booth of beautiful antique quilts, I had the pleasure of meeting Linda Collins from Quilts in the Barn.  We chatted briefly, but I forgot to get a picture of us together. 

Going to Houston for me this year was more about reconnecting with old friends and meeting a few new ones.  My host and hostess were the best!  I lunched with my old tennis partner, laughed the afternoon away with my friend Lori, caught up with other quilting friends, played Chinese Checkers with Rosie's precious grandson, dined on delectable home cooked meals, and even took in the King Tut exhibit. 

Now that I am home, it will take dynamite to get me to leave for at least 6 months!  I look forward to the upcoming holidays and some simple family times... 
at home!


  1. The last time I went to the Houston show, I made one purchase. It just wasn't worth the time and effort to stand in line to pay for something. My back hurt too much to do that. It was a kit and that was three years ago and it still sits on the shelf unopened.

  2. Welcome home! I'm really glad you enjoyed seeing old friends, making new friends, etc.

    I completely understand how you felt while at the show.

  3. Welcome Home Cheryl !

    How fun for you to be able to spend time with your friends. Sorry to here the quilt show was SO crowded and long lines . Time to stay home and enjoy the holidays.

  4. Glad you had fun with old and new friends. I've never been to the Houston Quilt Festival and doubt I ever will. I'm happy with the smaller shows. Thanks for sharing these fabulous quilts. I especially like the Star Garden.

  5. Welcome home Cheryl, jiggy-jig!!! I have been to two show, years ago they were smaller then.

    Your pictures of the quilts are lovely. Happy that you had a good time being with your friends.

    Carolyn :)

  6. I think it would be mind numbing to see so many ideas, designs and products and then to sift through all the information and accept that we are only human and walk away with a manageable amount. You look as though you succeeded in the task.

  7. As far as shopping you sound similar to me. I'm glad you had a good time even if you were a tad disappointed in the quilts.

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  9. I can see that it would be overwhelming trying to choose from all those goodies. I'm sure I'd do the same and walk away with very little. Love the star quilt

  10. It was fun to catch a glimpse of Quilt Festival, thanks to your wonderful photos. Sounds like you were quite disciplined going through the vendor booths. Good for you! I need to work on that myself when I go to quilt shows!

  11. Lovely post Cheryl!!! Oh my! the handquilting on the 'Challenge 2' quilt, incredible!!! I noticed that too recently, quilts shows are showing more art quilts than I used to remember seeing!!!

  12. Hi! Greetings from Finland! The quilts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world! :)


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