Monday, November 28, 2011

Thankful for a DD who is crafty!

It was a hectic, but thoroughly scrumptious Thanksgiving week around here.  I hope everyone ate as much as I did so we can all go on diets together.  Some exhilarating outdoor exercise is called for in the following days.  We are enjoying some exceptionally fine days here in the desert...crisp, cool nights and clear days in the high 70's.  This is why we endure our sizzling summers!
While the turkey was roasting, my DD and I collaborated on a sweet little baby quilt for her girlfriend.  It is an adaptation of a pattern seen in
Jelly Babies
from the staff at That Patchwork Place.
It is pin basted and ready to be quilted by moi.  Of course, the baby shower is this weekend...
like mother, like daughter.
She also whipped up this nifty matching frame.
I love the little yo-yo's in the corners.

I have been busy finishing up my 1880 sampler quilt.
 I believe I only have one more block to do and then I need to design the borders.  
 I will take a break though and be back in the new year with those instructions.

While blog hopping the other day, I jumped into a hilarious post.
Check out Regan's blog post here for a good laugh.
She lists the things that she is thankful she doesn't have and doesn't want...
I liked the reference to the 'boob job'.
I could not come up with a better list than hers, but I do know I am thankful I have a DD who shares my love of crafting and quilting.
Unfortunately, since we are both big procrastinators,
I better get back to some machine quilting!


  1. The baby quilt and frame are adorable. Your DD's friend is going to love both.

    Love your sampler quilt!

  2. I love that pattern from the Jelly Babies book. I have the book and that is one of the quilts I am planning on making for our church quilting group.

    Your sampler is coming along great.

  3. Adorable baby quilt! And the frame is just precious with the yoyos in the corner. We are enjoying cool nights too but have had some of our tule fog in the mornings making it damp, dark and cold.

  4. Very sweet quilt and frame. I'm sure they will get a lot of attention at the shower!

  5. Wow! Your collaborative baby quilt is the sweetest. And what a creative idea to do a matching frame. Like mother, like daughter!

  6. Lovely baby quilt Cheryl!! Isn't it nice to know that your creative skills can be passed on to someone who appreciates and benefits from them!

  7. That is the sweetest baby quilt! How fun that you have your daughter to quilt with!!

  8. So great that you could work on a project with your daughter.....and it turned out great, too! Very sweet!

  9. What a sweet collaberative project!
    I saw Regan's list and about died of laughter!!

  10. What a adorable quilt & matching picture frame you and your DD created! Her friend is going to cherish this quilt forever !

  11. The apple didn't fall far from the tree;0) Lucky you to have such a DD!

    LOVE your sampler. Glad you are taking a break, will give me a chance to catch up a little.

    Love the list, thanks for a good laugh!

  12. Lucky you... lucky me... I have a crafty DD, as well! We love having sew days. She is in to crochet at the moment, though. She is NOT a last-minute-Lucy like her mom, though.

    That is a sweet baby quilt, and the matching frame is so cute. I'm sure the mom-be-to will love them.

    The 1880 sampler is wonderful...

  13. That's a lovely quilt for a little one. The matching frame is a great idea.

  14. love that sweet baby quilt~!!~



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