Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just about there!

I am getting down to the last blocks of my 1880 Sampler quilt.
Next block is a 'crumb' block.  
I have never made one, but assume you just sew scraps randomly together.  My plan is to make four different 3" units and assemble them into a block.  Hope it works.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Also pieced my first hexie.
Harder than I thought!
This is a large one...about 10 1/2" in diameter.

My project for the day is to make fresh pumpkin puree.  I am coming to the conclusion that it might be more cost effective to purchase canned.  We will see if the taste is dramatically different before the final verdict.
I have baked them in my convection oven, but it still took over an hour and only yields about a cup of puree.
Anyone every cooked them in the microwave?
I have about 100 lbs. of sugar pumpkins from my summer garden and hate to just toss them!


  1. Oh I love the sampler quilt. And you did great on your hexie. Looks like you used the paper pieces? You might want to try giving the inklingo method a try too, but that does require buying the download. I make mine that way because to me, it's easier and I prefer doing the running stitch. Just a thought:)

  2. Cheryl,
    The Sampler is looking absolutely fabulous! I take it there are no directions for the crumb block? It does sound like a great one to use scraps from the other blocks you have made. What a treasure you are making.
    I hope you like the pumpkin and can keep all those you have for pies and muffins and breads and soups.
    I have a stew in my crockpot and a Harvest Chocolate Cake in the oven (full of Fall spices).

  3. Your sampler quilt is simply amazing!! All of those different blocks - wow!!
    Your first hexie is gorgeous. Boy, it is big! What size hexies did you use?

  4. The sampler looks amazing! You're doing a great job.

    On the pumpkins - you might check out
    Her latest blog is on pumpkin soup, and boy oh boy does it look scrumptious!

  5. Wow, Cheryl! Your sampler quilt looks amazing. Your hexie turned out great. Love the colorful fabric you picked. Homemade pumpkin puree sounds delicious. Sounds like your garden produced quite the bumper crop of sugar pumpkins!

  6. Your sampler is must feel wonderful to have it nearly done!

  7. You already know how much I love your sampler quilt! And a cute hexie too. I am still amazed at how long it takes to sew them together - I still haven't made more than one!

  8. You might check out Bonnie Hunter's web page. She has some quilts done with crumbs and strings that might give your a little inspiration.

    The quilt looks fantastic! :)

  9. Wow! The quilt is coming along nicely!!
    I can't help you with the pumpkins other then to say I love fresh pumpkin puree better then store bought:)

  10. Beautiful, Cheryl!
    Yes, the hexies aren't easy to piece but the results are worth it.
    I've baked pumpkin in the oven and love the flavor. I only had one medium size pumpkin to deal with though. Good luck!

  11. Your sampler is looking terrific! Keep up the great work.

  12. Cheryl, your work is gorgeous. The sampler is really coming along and your hexies are too kewl.

    Happy you are back safe from Houston. Looking forward to some catch up time. Our pumpkins did not fare well this summer however the buttercup squash did and will be roasting in my oven. Yumm! Love the Fall. Jo

  13. The Sampler Quilt is looking wonderful Cheryl. And think how many projects you have managed to fit in along side this one, not to mention everything else that you did. A truly remarkable achievement.

  14. We made a pumpkin pie with real pumpkin once, and it really didn't turn out as well as it does with canned pumpkin, but maybe I wasn't doing something right. I'm interested in your crumb blocks. I've never made any. I'll be back to check out how they went :-) Homemade manicotti is on our menu today. In fact I'd better get started!

  15. Wow, Cheryl, you did so much work on that, and it turned out great, but I bet it will feel wonderful to have it done. And then start thinking about the next project. ;)

  16. Your 1880 sampler quilt is coming along beautifully, exciting to know the end is in sight!!!
    Have you thought of baking the pumpkins in the oven instead of using the microwave. You may find that they will have a richer flavour, I just hand rub some olive oil over the pieces, they cook up fairly quickly. Then you can mash them and freeze portion lots.

  17. Oh Cheryl ! Your sampler is just gorgeous! Great job! LOVE IT !


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