Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wonderful Easter Weekend!

We had a busy, but blissful Easter weekend!
I loved the way my Kim Diehl table runner looked on the table.
I finally purchased the feather tree I have been pining for and was surprised at how many ornaments I have collected over the years.  In the past, I decorated for every holiday.  With a little one in the house now, my enthusiasm for seasonal embellishments has be rekindled!
My adult children still enjoy fun and games, so we had our traditional Easter egg hunt, including a prize for the winner...a PEZ bunny. 

Spring means my Argentinian Giant has bloomed again.
Next to bloom...my claret Hedgehog.


  1. Your table runner is just adorable on your Easter table and your new feather tree is wonderful with your collection of Easter ornaments.

    What a nice picture of the kids with their Easter baskets. They are never to big for the egg hunt !

  2. I love that Kim Diehl table runner. That looks nice on your table.

    Glad you had a wonderful time with your family. A real blessing:)

  3. Your table runner is perfect with your settings. How fun is that feather tree and to decorate for "all" the kids!
    Gorgeous cacti bloom! WOW Great photo!

  4. Beautiful pictures of your family! Traditions are wonderful.

    Your runner and table decorations are delightful...especially the feather tree!

    Wow, your Claret Hedgehog....I have never seen this before, beautiful!

    :) Carolyn

  5. Your table runner looks so amazing displayed on your table! Love to see the BIG kids having fun on Easter - that's great! Congrats on your feather tree - it's beautiful! So is your flowering Argentinian Giant.

  6. It's so nice to see an Easter table setting, and I agree your table runner looks wonderful - love the Easter Egg tree too, just delightful!!!!

  7. Your table runner looks gorgeous decorating your table. Looks like a lot of fun was had at your house.

  8. wow~!!~the argentinian giant is gorgeous and what a great shot~!

    glad to hear that your easter weekend was a happy one and that it renews your own inner child to have a grandbaby in the family.
    i absolutely adore hunting up easter eggs~!!~that must be the inner child in me~!

    the kim diehl table runner looks wonderful on your easter table~!


  9. I just love that runner! How fun to have gotten it finished for this year too! Are you still making ornaments monthly?

  10. Beautiful photos! Your quilt is perfect!

  11. That runner is BEAUTIFUL!! Looks like a wonderful family Easter celebration.


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