Sunday, September 23, 2012

FMQ Fun!

Primitive Pumpkins is quilted!
Remember when I said I looked forward to doing the borders?
this is how I did them.
I cut templates of oak leaves from freezer paper,
ironed them at 4" intervals in the border 
and then quilted, 
using them as guides.

After the outline of the leaves were quilted,
I turned the quilt over and did all the fill work from the back.
I did the same thing in the body of the quilt,
using the 3 pumpkins as my theme.
After I was done,
I showed it to my hubby, who exclaimed,
"A work of art!  You should hang it up backwards and forget all that piecing in the future!"

After much deliberation,
I have gone a new direction with my Pennies From Heaven.
Here are the first two blocks.
I changed the background to a soft brown print and
went from lime green to a blue green wool called Meadow,
by Weeks Dye Works.
I am so pleased with the changes I made that I have almost all the stitching done.
That is, except the embroidery....
not my best skill.
Cannot wait to add some of my vibrant aqua wool to the mix!


  1. Awesome! It looks great from the front, too! I don't think I could quilt from the back. My tension is just a little off and I'm too impatient to fiddle with it. I really love this quilt. Great new project! The soft brown is perfect for the background.

  2. Oh my gosh - I LOVE Primitive Pumpkins! The front is awesome and so is the back - great quilting!

  3. Your Primitive Pumpkins is adorable! And the quilting on it is awesome! Great idea with the leaves and freezer paper.....I'll try that next time I need a recurring design in the fmq. Thanks!

  4. Oh boy, I LOVE your primitive pumpkins...the quilting is wonderful. Love the tips you gave on quilting it. LOL, my husband would have said the same thing. Your blocks are so sweet.

  5. what a stunning beauty to have finished for this fall season~!!~
    love what you did with the quilting. very clever and looks sensational~!!!~


  6. I tuoi lavori sono FANTASTICI...

  7. beautiful quilting I love the leaves in the border!
    good choice to change the background looks great.

  8. Oh my! LOVE the quilting you did! It was beautiful to begin with and now with the quilting it is gorgeous! Your hubby sounds like a fun person! lol! And thanks for the freezer paper tip... great idea!

  9. It's perfect! Well done! I love when men chime in...though half the time they just don't get it.

  10. Looks wonderful! I am ready for a new project too. Pennies From Heaven might be a good choice! Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. What a gorgeous finish on this quilt! LOVE IT! Looking forward to following your progress on Pennies from Heaven - so far it looks wonderful!

  12. WOW!!! Gorgeous FMQing, I LOVE it too! Thanks for sharing the freezer paper idea, it's perfect plus quilting from the back is a good one as well.
    Great color choices for Pennies From Heaven. Can't wait to see the vibrant aqua added. Well done!!!

  13. OMG, it is too cute! The quilting looks like so much fun!! Yea, backwards! Silly!!

    I like what you're doing with Pennies from Heaven.

  14. What a gorgeous quilt & your quilting AMAZING !! Love it !

    I like where you are going with Pennies from heaven

  15. Front and back are both wonderful!!

  16. Your pumpkin quilt is fantastic. I have to agree with your husband about the back being a work of art, but I would not forget about the piecing on the front. I love how you designed your own stencils and added to the one of a kind design. It's not often that I can't decide if I love the front of the quilt or the back best. I just plain love it all!

  17. I agree with your husband, Primitive Pumpkins is a work of art but can't agree with his second comment! Made me smile though.
    You were not happy with the original Pennies from Heaven combination, glad you found that new direction.

  18. Another fun project! Love the quilting.

    Carolyn :)

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  20. Love the pumpkin quilt. Very pretty.

  21. Wow, your pumpkin quilt looks great! Beautiful quilting.

  22. Love the quilt with the pumpkins on the two corners. A different design with the diagonal section of vines running through it. A beautiful piece. I read with interest how you did the quilting starting on the front and then working on the back side. You are truly a talented quilter.


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