Monday, September 17, 2012

Thank You, Darlene!

Last month, I won a contest over at Quilting Daze
Darlene was cutting several projects at the same time 
and challenged us to guess which pile of fabrics went with which pattern.  
It was a fun puzzle to solve.
My prize was 4 charm packs of 

Thank you, Darlene, for your generosity and for such a fun game!

I owe Darlene yet another thank you for motivating me to get my machine humming.
She has been sewing up a storm in honor of September being 
National Sewing Month.
I am an early riser.  
During the wee hours of the morning, I get the most accomplished.
It doesn't hurt that I am fueled by my morning cup
(okay, CUPS) of coffee.
As a result,
my Pinwheels for Caroline,
designed by Lori Smith,
is pieced!

What I like best about this quilt is that I gave myself some slack.
I tried my hardest, but could not figure out how to make my ocean waves blocks come out just perfect.  Some points float
 (well, it is an ocean block, right?) 
and some (okay, a lot) 
of those diagonal seam intersections are just a little less than aligned.
But you know what,
I love it with all its imperfections.
And it busted some (although not enough!)
of my stash.

While I was cutting the border,
I also took the time to turn these

into these.

Feels good to have at least 2 buckets neatly organized and a good start on the third.
Next up...
quilting Primitive Pumpkins.


  1. Oh my! I absolutely LOVE this pinwheel quilt!

  2. Your pinwheel quilt is lovely!! The colors are beautiful. Love that border too!!

  3. Hi Cheryl, Two words:

    "Absolutly Beautiful"!


  4. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness your quilt is stunning, Cheryl. I LOVE it. You've been a busy girl - woohoo!!!

    And,you're welcome. I'm glad you played my silly game. :-)

  5. This quilt is a stunner! I love the colors and all those pinwheels.....and I think your ocean waves border is perfect! Gorgeous!

  6. Your pinwheel quilt is AMAZING ! WOW! You do great work when you drink lots of coffee and for being a early riser ;-)

    Congrats on winning all the charm packs !

  7. OH MY! Your Pinwheels for Caroline is absolutely beautiful! LOVE it!

  8. Pinwheels for Caroline is spectacular!

  9. WooHoo lucky you!
    Love the quilt too! :)

  10. beautiful quilt....looks great!
    congrats on your win
    ah yes early riser lets me get a lot more done too!

  11. I am trying to remember if I ever purchased the Lori Smith pinwheel pattern. I have admired it many times. Lots of piecing and yours has turned out well.

    The quilt in your header strikes my fancy. Caught my eye right away.

  12. Pinwheels for Caroline looks fabulous. Love the way the colours bounce against the darks.
    Floating points, where?
    Congratulations on your win. 4 charm packs gives much more scope for a future project.

  13. I love your header and your new pinwheel quilt. Come to think of it I have that pattern.

  14. Pinwheels for Carolyn turned out STUNNING Cheryl! I really love this top you've made. (of course, I love all of your work...grin)

  15. your header is fantastic~!!~ and i LOVE the ocean waves framing the pinwheel quilt~!!~ and the scraps are all nicely set off with the use of just the right amount of darker fabric. a wonderful quilt~!

    i need to do a bit of the same type of fabric organizing in my studio. the fabric is all in the cupboard but i fear for my self every time i open it up. :-O



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