Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Don't Just Pin, I Do!

When I first started blogging,
I was obsessed.
Now it is Pinterest.
I follow so many DIY sites and quilt sites that if I do not check new pins every 30 minutes,
I am overloaded!
I don't just pin,
I do!
I have tried several recipes and my favorite is a crockpot chicken cordon bleu.
I substituted my own seasoned Panko bread crumbs for the packaged stuffing.
What quilter does not love a good crockpot recipe?

a furniture refinishing project,
inspired by all the tutorials I have repinned.
We did not use Anne Sloan's chalk paint.
We simply barely sanded it,
sprayed with KILZ primer, 
painted with a flat interior country beige,
distressed it with some sanding 
and then glazed it with Valspar Mocha Glaze.
The final step will be to wax it, but my daughter wants to paint the bottom a darker color.
New knobs courtesy of the World Market.

my daughter and I executed a wall treatment pin.
my granddaughter's new bedroom.
We need to make sheer coral window treatments and a matching crib ruffle,
but how fun!
Here is the other side of the room with a quilt I had made for my DD.
the theme is an underwater one.

I had so much fun with our DIY projects that I am on the prowl for more flea market finds.
And yes, Primitive Pumpkins is just about quilted,
so stay tuned.


  1. Good for you! And, by the way, I love the mini quilt on the top of your blog. Can you share the pattern name please? Thanks!

  2. Short and Sweet by Kim Diehl looks great on your header. Great stash buster along with Pinwheels for Caroline. Plus your DIY projects, you have been very busy this summer too! Looking forward to seeing Primitive Pumpkins quilted. Sew glad you kept that project going forward. Yea!

  3. How wonderfuL. This cabinet looks awesome! I would love to do this to my doors and trim in my home. Love th look! Your grandbaby's room is darling...good job!

  4. Your cabinet is looking great !! Yes pinterest is a great thing, so can find so many wonderful ideas.
    Great quilt in your header !!

  5. I've pinned lots of DIY projects too, but haven't actually gotten to the do part yet. I have tried lots of recipes though, some great, some flops. lol Your projects look great!

  6. oh my gosh I love all your diy projects! Pinterest is a great place for ideas! I was obsessed the first few weeks with it too, now I can control my addiction :)

  7. Interesting to see what is keeping you busy. Great results. I am too scared to go near Pinterest, struggling to keep focused as it is.

  8. Wow! What a concept...finding a cool idea and actually doing something with it! Lol! Love that cabinet!

  9. I did this treatment to my bedroom furniture about five years ago. It was a quality set, but I got tired of the dark pine, so I painted it black and waxed over it. The finish really holds up well, and made my husband so happy that we could keep the furniture that we bought when we got married.

  10. Your cabinet came out great ! I also am hooked on Pinterest ! SO many great ideas & recipes. I am going to try your Chicken recipe.

    Your grand daughters room is wonderful. How fun for you ! Can't wait to see your Primitive Pumpkins when it is quilted

  11. Good job on that cabinet...I am sure you and your daughter are having lots of fun creating new with old! Your projects are wonderful.

    :) Carolyn

    P.S. I love flea markets too...what is someones old stuff is a treasure to find and it looks like you are on the treasure hunt!

  12. Hi Cheryl, your DIY project turned out beautifully! Love the distressed look. I know what you mean about Pinterest. I have found more ideas than I can possibly execute! That crockpot chicken cordon bleu sounds scrumptious! I'm all for crockpot cooking!

  13. i'm a bit afraid to get involved with pinterest. it looks like so much fun i might get even further behind then i already am. it's fun to see what you've been inspired to do though~!
    love the cabinet and the nursery is fun. your quilt on the wall is gorgeous~!!~


  14. I got hooked on the DIY all over Pinterest as well. Love the cabinet and I'm surprised no chalk paint.

  15. Great job! I thought you said painting furniture was a new adventure!?! Love it! Again, I love that you and your daughter work together. And your granddaughter's room is so cool! That must have been fun to do. Have you thought about putting a link to your pins? I look forward to seeing prim pumpkins quilted. So many fun things to do! Don't you wish there were more hours in a day?!?

  16. I love, love your header quilt!!! I have also been taken over by Pinterest!!! Can't wait to try the crockpot recipe you mentioned!!! Great job on that piece of furniture, and I love the way that room is painted!!!


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