Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Back in Time and another CoVid casualty

So the date is somewhere in 2014.
I have proudly turned Pennies from Heaven into a flimsy.

Forward to 2020,
and the flimsy is quilted, bound and on the guest bed 
until the magnetic quilt hanger I have ordered arrives.
Nothing like a pandemic to help your finish up your UFOs.

Next on my list is Le Jardin.
It will be perfect for my granddaughter, Evelyn.

As far as casualties go,
the latest is my LQS, The Olde World Quilt Shoppe.
The new owner announced last week that she will be going on-line only mid June.
I dyed wool for her, but alas, no more.
She hopes to open a physical location in the future,
but I am not hopeful.
Lots of time to finish all those UFOs!

I continue to stitch circles for my Sue Spargo toned down (as in not 90!!)
sampler project. Here are a few of my latest.

After the quilt for my granddaughter is a flimsy,
I hope to work on my daughter's wedding quilt. 
Don't judge me.....her 8 year anniversary is soon.


  1. Yes, I think a lot of us are finishing a few UFOS while creating new ones. Why not!😁 so sorry to hear about the Olde World QS. It's one I had hoped to visit. Your Sue S circles are gorgeous. I'm not doing 90 either. Great colors!

  2. Good for you in getting your UFO done and condolences on your LQS. Have always admired Sue Spargo style stitching --- is that ribbon embroidery in that last block? Love that addition!

  3. We have a quilt shop casualty here too though not from the financial disasters of Covid-19. Our largest shop owner is retiring though will keep an online presence she says. I had heard that Olde World was closing. How sad.


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