Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Eat, Stitch, Sleep, Repeat!

Oh, this whole stay at home business is getting old!
And yet, as businesses start to open up,
I am concerned about what will happen in the next few months. 
I consider myself lucky in that both my children can either work from home 
or have been furloughed.
My daughter works at the Mayo Clinic 
and has been told she will return to work no earlier than August.
She has found, however, that the economic impact is rather negligible. 
No childcare to pay for, 
no after school activities like gymnastics and swimming lessons, 
no fast food lunches for her husband since he now works from home.
The moral of this story is that since we are all so isolated,
we feel perfectly safe gathering as a family on a regular basis.
I cherish those gatherings!

But those don't happen everyday,
sew I stitch!
 This is my first block of Sue Spargo's quilt,
Fresh Cut.
I am doing mine on a taupe background
 and dyeing all my own wool for it.
This is my second block in progress.
Boy, am I going out of my box on this one.
I continue to do the Instastitch with Sue sampler.

My attempt to design a circle on my own.
Two of my favorites designed by Sue Spargo.

Although most of my work has been with wool,
I did manage to bind a panel quilt for my son and his wife.
Simple, but she loves it.

Back to my stitching!


  1. I love the projects you are working on. Hugs

  2. So cute! It really is amazing what can be done with threads and an imagination! :-)
    I'm in the same boat as you....a little bit weary of continually staying in my home....but also very concerned for the health of everyone once we reopen....since this virus is so unpredictable. This has been a very strange year... Be safe and stay well!

  3. We are experiencing in interesting cycle, aren't we. Mine is just like yours. Some days seem easier than others although nothing is different. I'm working on the wool circles too. It's been fun and challenging. Your other Sue S. Project is beautiful.

  4. Your Sue Spargo blocks are wonderful. I have never taken the time to learn how to do all that fancy embellishing Sue's designs require. You have mastered them.

  5. We feel blessed that no one in our family has lost a job--everyone is able to work from home.
    The stitching in your wool work is impressive! So beautiful!
    That is a lovely panel.


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