Monday, May 11, 2020

Mother Nature

She never fails to entertain.
A hummingbird built a nest outside my laundry room window.
First there were 2 eggs, which I understand is always the case.
The twins started to get bigger.
As the nest got more and more crowded, 
one flew away.
Now there is just one fellow left.
Tried to show a video of him trying out his wings, but could not get it to download.
So here is a link to my Instagram video.
Hopefully, that will work.

A few new circles done on my Sue Spargo Toned Down Sampler.

Hope you enjoyed the hummers!
A little smile perhaps during this time of uncertainty.


  1. OH how lovely, your darling twins! Their lives are lived in such a hurry!

  2. The purples have a luxurious look. Beautiful!

  3. What a treat for you to watch hummingbirds hatch. I am not on Instagram, so I could not see your video, but I'll bet it was cute watching the hatchling try flight.
    Your Sue Spargo Sampler work is mind-boggling to me!

  4. Mother Nature gave you a sweet view out your window. Beautiful circle additions. Your work is lovely.

  5. such sweet hummingbirds. Mine are back, but I've never seen a nest. sady your IG account is private so the link doesn't work.


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