Monday, June 1, 2020

Monday Musings

With all that is happening in our country,
I hesitated to post.
But then, I need to have a place to escape to 
and pretend things are normal.
Besides, hobbies have a positive effect on our mental health.
'When you participate in a hobby,
you'll stay present,
 which helps create a sense of well-being and calm your nerves,' 
according to the experts.
So I will post about my hobby and ignore the world outside for the moment.

Progress on Le Jardin.
I am overjoyed that my DIL wants this for my granddaughter's room.
I will prep the 8th block today.
7 are now complete except for embroidery accents, 
which used to scare me.
But with my new found interest in embroidery stitches, 
I am looking forward to adding them.

Here are some of my latest toned down sampler circles.

Oh, this crab is my favorite.

It is heating up here in the desert 
and my children have been escaping to the Mogollon Rim on the weekends to cool off.
This weekend, my husband and I joined them.
My sweeties
and me on the kid's quad...LOL.

Stay safe and sane!


  1. Focusing on our hobby does have a calming affect. I'm glad you posted. I like the addition of the silk ribbon in the floral bouquet and the little crab is pretty cute. I cut out 30 circles and have 6 to go. I made them 1 3/4" so it takes me a couple days to complete one. How many are you going to do?

  2. I think we are all focusing on our hobbies to get us through these worrying times. I am in love with your embroidery. The crab is my favorite. Hugs

  3. Sweet, sweet bunny blocks.

  4. Your embroidery is outstanding. I especially like the ribbon flowers, and the crab, of course.
    Looks like fun with the grands!


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