Sunday, January 9, 2022

Binge Binding and 2022 goals

Nothing new on the piecing front,
but boy, oh boy, have I gotten lots of binding done.
Getting my longarm meant I could get all my WIPs quilted.
However, they all just went in a pile because binding is my least favorite part of the process.
It took lots of will power, but all I did was bind last month and I got 5 done.
I have 1 left...
 My Garden by Heart to Hand
I decided to finish it as an abbreviated version
 since all it was doing was gathering dust in my closet. 

For 2022,
instead of resolving to lose weight,
I decided a list of quilt projects I would like to start or finish might be more realistic;
and let's face it,
a whole lot more fun.

1. Finish HOME in time for my son's anniversary in March (border, quilt and bind)
2. Border my red and white mini quilt and add some green applique (border and design)
3. Finish Posh Penelope by Sew Kind of Wonderful for my daughter before Spring (need fabrics)
4. Finish Easter pillows for the girls 
5. Complete 'If the Hat Fits' before Halloween for my daughter
6. Continue to work on my mini-Folktails
7. Continue to work on Sunrise Scraps by Edyta Sitar
8. Start and hopefully keep current on Sue Spargo's Trade Winds BOM
9. Finish At Home in the Woods (just needs borders, then quilt and bind)
10. Finish my Laura Heine collage
10. If any energy and time left, return to Yoko Saito quilt or finish Fresh Cut or Squash Squad!

that seems like a large laundry list with only two new starts.
Want to place wagers on whether I complete my list
and more importantly,
don't add to it with something new!!
Quiltcon is in Phoenix in February where temptation awaits.

Hope everyone had joyful holiday season.
Now on to 2022.

P.S. About resolutions...I did resolve to exercise more each day and cut out sweets
 in hopes of losing weight...good luck with that...LOL!


  1. Good resolutions. Your list of 2022 projects will keep you very busy. Not adding anything new? Hmmm? Not sure I could do that.😊

  2. Binding isn't my favorite either, but it does mean we are close to a finish! Lists are good to start the year!

  3. A great list to keep you focused, when the urge to start something new isn't overpowering. ;)
    I have a similar resolution--move more and snack less.


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