Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving surrounded by the ones you love!
My daughter is designing her own version of the dresden plate turkey seen over at the Missouri Quilt Co. We'll see what the final version looks like later today.  She wants it to be 3-D.
We'll work on it while the turkeys are cooking.

And yes...
another mug rug.  
 I had fun practicing the pebble quilting behind the appliqued penguin.

Drafted the first block for my 1880 sampler by Barbara Buchner Snyder.
The block finishes at 5".  I may not be able to draft many of the blocks without the aid of EQ.  The grid dimension of the blocks does not fall into simple rotary cutting formulas.  I will try to draft as many as I can and then resort to EQ for the rest.  Once I get further into the project and more confident about my ability to actually pull this one off, I'll start sharing my cutting instructions with anyone interested in sewing along with me. 

It is the coldest Thanksgiving on record in the last 80 years here in Arizona!
Kathy Tracy posted about a 'gratitude' journal this last week.
I think today is a good day to start mine.
I am thankful today for the warmth of my home and the plentiful food that will grace my table this afternoon. Now off to the kitchen to get busy!


  1. Your daughter's version of the Dresden Turkey is cute as can be!

  2. I love Missouri Quilt Co.'s tutorials on Youtube! They are all fun and amazing. Hope your Dresden turkey will still alive after the fiesta...

  3. I love popping over to your blog Cheryl, always something new and interesting to be found. Hope your thanksgiving was a happy one, and I am sure the dresden plate turkey lives to see another day unlike his roasted relative.

  4. Adorable turkey!

    Sweet mug rug, too!

  5. Your daughter's turkey is adorable. I absolutely love the penguin mug rug - just sooooo cute!!


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