Saturday, November 6, 2010

Semper Fi Fund!! and a follower appreciation gift!

These wonderful gifts came in the post on Saturday. 
Two patterns, a Moda handkerchief, a charming chain necklace, and a sample packet of fabric.
This is Minnick and Simpson's newest line, Charlevoix.
I love the hues and the textures.
I see a great beach picnic blanket.
So, how did I acquire this lovely gift? 
This patriotic rug was offered as a fundraiser for the Semper Fi Fund - an organization dedicated to serving wounded Marines and their families, Polly's favorite charity. I bid on it, but did not win.  They were gracious enough, however, to send me this thank you gift.  I just wish I could have given more than I received. You know I will be making a donation on behalf of Minnick and Simpson.

And now for the follower appreciation giveaway!

I am verging on 70+ followers.
Since I am a child of the 70's--graduated high school, college and got married all in the 70's, plus brandished more than my fair share of bell-bottom pants and crop tops, I am giving away 2 of my bestselling patterns --the 'Stash N Go' and 'Grab N Go'-- along with  the fabric (you will need to purchase a few more supplies to make it, but not many) to make the 'Grab N Go.'
The 'Stash N Go' was designed to carry all the gear needed for taking classes.
The 'Grab N Go' is a handy tool carrier that fits into one of the pockets of the 'Stash N Go.'
All followers of my blog on Friday, November 12th at 12 Midnight, Arizona time, will be eligible.  I will draw 2 winners.  No comments or blogs about the giveaway are necessary.
However, if you decide to become a follower, I hope you will enjoy your time spent with me.


  1. Even though you aren't asking for comments, I thought I'd say thank you for offering such a lovely giveaway. Quilting and generosity seem to go together. Those fabrics you received are lovely.

  2. That's very generous Cheryl. I am glad I had the foresight to become a follower.

  3. sorry you didn't win , its a beautiful rug,
    how lucky you are nice surprises in the mail, always fun!

  4. Well I'll be darned! I bought the Stash n Go pattern (at you know where). I didn't know you designed it. I haven't made it yet, now have even more incentive...Grab n Go looks like the perfect "go with". NancyB in AZ

  5. Thank you for the giveaway.

  6. How nice of you to have a giveaway and we don't have to do anything but be a follower. That certainly is easy and I love following your blog!!!!!

  7. Hi Cheryl - I'm a follower via Google Reader and RSS feeds, so you've got way more than 70 followers. So cool Minich and Simpson sent you such a cool gift. Quilters are the bestest!


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