Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Sister's Art

Thought I would share a little of my Sis's artwork.  She doesn't quilt, but she expresses herself in another way. The following are stools, highchairs and rocking chairs that she has painted for her grandchildren and for charity auctions.

Wow, is she talented or what??
Someday, hopefully in the next decade, when I have grandchildren, she will gift us with a personalized rocker.  I have made each one of her grandchildren a quilt, so just maybe.
And look at this giveaway!
I would love to own him and find all the hoops I have to jump through well worth it.
My chances??--very small, but what the heck. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

And look!
The last big block of my Kim Diehl quilt is ready for hand sewing. Ok, it still needs 21 little berries, but that will not take long.
Yesterday, I had to take a long road trip south to Mesa to help my DD get to school. What a perfect opportunity to visit Zoe's and the Attic. 
I found three perfect fabrics for two different reproduction projects I have swirling around in my brain. The first is the JPN project that I mentioned before.  I did not get permission to run a blog group, but still plan to make a small version of it someday.  That is what that aqua fabric is for.
The pink and yellow are for a quilt that Kathie at Inspired by Antique Quilts posted about this last week. I ordered the book and plan to draft my own version of the Pennsylvania sampler quilt made by Barbara Butcher Snyder in the late 1800s.  I loved the black and pink border with the yellow setting blocks the best and these will be perfect.  I bought all the store had left.  Might have to do a web search for more.

Doreen at Aunt 'Reens Place and I are cooking up another quilt along/BOM for the next year. I may invite you to sew along with me while I make the sampler as well. So stay tuned and keep those pictures and updates coming on your SAL blocks and quilt tops.


  1. Your sisters work is beautiful so perky and fun. There is defintly lots talent in your family!

    Your "Kim Diehl" applique block is wonderful those colors and fabrics are right up my alley! Placement of your applique is perfect on the plaid blocks just sets it off!!

    As always Cheryl, thanks for sharing your beautiful work and projects in progress.


  2. The block for Kim Diehl's quilt is wonderful!!

  3. My sister paints furnature too! It's so cute, I love all of your sisters projects, especially the high chair! So sweet!
    I love your Kim D block ... it's beautiful!
    Thanks for all the eye candy and for mentioning the blog giveaway, wow, another amazingly talented person!

  4. Wauh, your sister's kind of art is great. I love the high chair and the rocking chair and would have loved to give one to my little granddaugther Laura.
    The applique block is beautiful. IThe colors look so perfect and fine together.
    Another SAL? :-))) - this time I will try to be in time and start at the beginning.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Greetings from Denmark,

  5. Yes the creative gene is definitely in the family, it just manifests itself in different ways. Love the new block. Hoping to join the next sew along.

  6. Your sister's work is very artistic. Creativity runs in your family alright.

  7. Your sister's painted furniture is charming. I especially like the recurring black and white checkerboard which I assume is her signature design.

  8. The chairs are wonderful, what a talent she has.


  9. Your sister's painting is just so beautiful! I love those bright colors...and love your applique block. Very pretty!

  10. Your block is beautiful even without the little berries!! Your sister is a very talented artist. And your fabric purchase is wonderful - there is the red and yellow you were talking about.


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