Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A shopping I will go!

So, did you see this fella over at the holiday blog hop! I learned to punch needle embroidery this year and know where I can get one of those antique oil cans.
Then I went to Brenda Gervais's website and did a little shopping.
One punchneedle pattern and one X-stitch pattern.
I know, I am supposed to be focusing on Christmas gifts, but I couldn't help myself.
I did pick up one gift, but can't show the picture.
Jill in PA started her SAL blocks.  She is toying with the idea of making it totally scrappy. I am anxious to see her next blocks. 
Remember to keep me updated on your blocks and/or quilt tops. And for new followers, check out the SAL patterns via the link button on my sidebar.
Finished my relandscaping project yesterday. Under the Cape Plumbago, I planted mexican primrose that hopefully will give me a mass of pink blooms in the spring. 
Winter is when we can enjoy annuals in the desert, so I potted up my containers with a riot of color. I just love my new aqua and limey green pots. 
This new rose is called 'Hot Cocoa.' It reminds me of an old austen rose with its profusion of petals. No fragrance though. Supposedly roses do well here in the desert.  I also planted a climbing Lady Banks rose along the courtyard wall. We'll see what it does in the spring as well.

The rest of my day will be spent doing some more shopping, but of a different kind. This ole procrastinator needs to buy a whole new bedroom set and all the fixings.  I am expecting guests Nov. 21 and the guest bedroom is totally empty.  We took the old brass bed to our cabin.  What the heck! 19 days is enough time to clean, cook and decorate!


  1. Shopping for bedroom furniture sounds fun!
    I love your little oasis outside. So pretty.

  2. Hi Cheryl! Have fun shopping for your bedroom suite. Do you have something in mind already? Love all your plantings, and yes, roses do well in the desert... at least here they do. The Lady Banks is a favorite of mine. ...Karen

  3. It was fun seeing your landscape projects. I especially enjoyed the vibrant container plantings. The garden here is looking pretty sad as we had a hard frost last week, but the roses are still in bloom.

  4. You are lucky that you will continue to have colour in your garden. We had several frosts now so the end is near.

  5. So many great things! I love all of your pots of blooming color!! The rose is very pretty - too bad it doesn't have a scent. We had a Lady Banks at our previous up and over our patio cover. In the spring it put off pretty little flowers and smelled wonderful.

  6. Enjoyed your landscaping projects...the end of the season is nearly here...a freeze is predicted for this weekend. Lots of leaves to rake! I want to learn to do the punchneedle..cute little Santa!

  7. ooooooooohhhh i LOVE that star santa on the oilcan~!!~



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