Monday, March 7, 2011

Just One Star and other things

Moda and their designers, Minnick and Simpson, have joined forces to piece 100 quilts in 100 days for the Quilts of Valor project, Just One Star.
I've made my block and you can also participate!
Go here to find the block instructions and where to send your block.

Lincoln's Platform may be my favorite block so far for the Civil War Quilts BOW.
I got the idea to use a stripe when I saw another participant's block.
Great way to spruce up a simple Churn Dash.

Sashing and setting triangle cutting dimensions can now be found over at my 1880 Barbara Bucher Sampler quilt blog.  Would you like to see a Flickr page for posting everyone's blocks?


  1. Two terrific blocks!
    The stripe on the churn dash really makes it special.

  2. Cheryl--------Our quilt guild is also doing this and plan on making my block today, will blog about it on Wednesday. The more we get the message out there the more blocks will be made. Like you color selection.

  3. What a wonderful idea to make these stars to end up in quilts for our soldiers. I get goose-bumps thinking about what a great cause. I think I will check this out.

    Your churn dash is just gorgeous. I love those fabrics a lot!

  4. Hey Cheryl, I just posted on my blog about this as well. Lissa was on the quilt cruise with us first of Feb. and this was presented to the gals on board. I see Betty Lou (who's in my guild) commented about this above. So nice to see so many talking about it!!

  5. I checked out the flickr page earlier and thought this block was yours, (there aren't too many Cheryls!!!) nicely done as always, I enjoyed putting this block together as well!!!

  6. Your star block is wonderful. Making a star is on my 'to do' list for this week. I love your fabric selection for the Lincoln's Platform block!

  7. Beautiful star, great cause! I love your block :-)

  8. Making a star block is on my list of projects to do this week for our soldiers quilts! Thank you Cheryl for providing this information!

    Both of your blocks are wonderful!

    :) Carolyn

  9. I love your Lincoln's Platform block!

  10. Beautiful stars Cherylk and It would be a great idea to make a flick page to see all the blocks.

  11. Lincoln's Platform looks great. The flickr page is a good forum for sharing ideas. I think it would work with your sampler quilt too.

  12. Love your Lincoln's Platform...great fabric choices. And thank you for the Just One Star info...I will get one made and sent out.

  13. Cheryl, any idea whether the fabrics are to be washed or unwashed?? I'm a pre-washer, and would like to make at least one block (even though I'm up in Canada). How did you do yours?
    Gerda in Alberta

  14. good for you posting about the one star challenge....I am going to as well
    what a great idea from Moda
    I love your churn dash block, yes I have done this , love adding little surprises inside blocks like that!
    great post


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