Friday, July 6, 2018


It is spooky how motivating blogging can be.
Less than a week ago I declared I would finish this one and 
ta-dah, albeit I only had one more block to fuse and stitch.
But  now a UFO is a flimsy!
Needs some buttons added when I get home and then off to the quilter.
Merrie Halloween by Buttermilk Basin. 

Finished 2 out of 3 panels of my Halloween Campers, 
also by Buttermilk Basin.
Changed the design of this one a tad...
it will hang vertically instead of being a long runner.
Unfortunately, it will not get finished while I am at the cabin.
I did not bring enough of the lime green wool with me.

We are headed to the Rocky Mountains for a week so I prepped some handwork to take along.
Once I stitch it down with wool thread, lots of fun embellishing will be added.
This will be bordered with fall fabrics and become a runner, 
again, designed by Buttermilk Basin.

Enough work on UFOs!
On to a new project...City Bucket and this is my first block.
Ran out of Plum Marmalade thread, so I will have to finish the bullion knots when more arrives.
I bought the pattern for this 2 years ago while at market from
Amy McClellan of American Quilting in Orem, Utah.
She calls it her 'Market Bucket.'
Then I saw this photo on Pinterest.
Apparently, Kerry Green was the original designer
 and I love the bright fabrics and contemporary designs she used, 
so that is how I will make mine. 
She graciously shared her original drawings of the 'little blocks' used in her City Bucket.
 I will use a combination of both her designs and Amy's for my bucket.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Summer is Stitching Time

We are back in the mountains for the summer, 
so I am not working at the shoppe and have more time to work on my projects. 
 It is my goal to not only blog a couple of times, 
but to actually get some of my UFO's finished. 
Of course, I started the summer with a few new projects.
 I have actually completed one...
'When I Am With You, I am Home'
by 1894 Cottonwood House.
I am not a prim girl,
 but there is something about this designer's stuff that appeals to me.
And I love the title of this one, that just happens to be in my favorite fall colors!

But let me digress.
The first project I worked on was to complete the blocks for my Solstice Dreams quilt designed by Kerry Green. These are some of my favorite ones:

I think I like making the insects the best!
And yes, as my granddaughter points out, the birds need their eyes still.
We will be doing this as a BOM at TOWQS this coming fall.
I have dyed all the wool for it and
I have certainly learned tons of embroidery stitches!
Which, by the way, I swore I was not going to get into.

And yes, this is another 'lifetime' quilt in it's infancy...

from Yoko Saito's book, Bouquet of Flowers,
these are the January and April blocks of 
'Vases of Flowers Wall Quilt.'
A few gals at the shoppe are joining me for this adventure, 
so I might get it done in a year! 
I am converting the cm measurements into inches for everyone, 
so I am motivated to keep current.
Unlike the original, we are combining both cotton and wool for the applique. 
I think I could make every project in this book.
If only there were stitching elves!

One of the first UFOs I plan to finish is Buttermilk Basin's Merrie Halloween. 
It is another one that has just one more block to make before it is done.
You know I will start some new things along the way,
 but I hope to have a picture of this finished project the next time I post.

I don't believe anyone can comment on this post anymore with the new blogger setup,
but I appreciate you stopping by to read it.
If you feel compelled to comment or have a question,
you can email me at

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A Girl and her Machine

Although I enjoy handwork, my first love is piecing with my machine...
especially small scale piecing!
Here is the beginning of a lifetime project, 
Sunrise Scraps by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts.
When I saw this quilt last January at Road to California, I knew I had to commit to making it. 
I fell in love with all things she designs.

Just finished this little handful of scraps called Olivia.

I still continue to do handwork and wool applique.
Working on Father Christmas by 1894 Cottonwood House.

Finished my second block of Solstice Dreams
and embellished the first block of Crimson Tweed.

My friend, Deb and I are working together on a shoppe sample for a BOM starting in January.
Garden Whimsy by Norma Whaley of Timeless Traditions.

As usual, I have too many irons in the fire.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.
Among other things, I am thankful for my machine and the joy it brings me.
Now to the business of cooking a feast for my family!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Busy Week

Worked on a sample for TOWQS.
Light Show by Plays with Wool.
Hubbie made the frame for me.

But I had the most fun piecing this small quilt from Edyta Sitar's book,
Little Handful of Scraps.
I have not finished piecing one side because I will demo my tip for half seams when I teach my class next month. 

I designed the Wooly Block Adventure block for the shop.  
Worked on Dear Spooks by 1894 Cottonwood House.
And started on this beauty by Kerry Green, Solstice Dreams.
My progress on the first block. 
And then there was the Pumpkin Patch, Arizona style with my grands.

Hopefully, I will be as happy and productive next week too!


Thursday, October 5, 2017

Surprise! A Post

Finished this darling table runner this week.
It will be a gift for my grandson who loves all things Halloween.
His favorite song to sing is 'This is Halloween' from Tim Burton's movie The Nightmare before Christmas. It is so cute to hear him sing it with his 3 year old voice and pronunciations.

Also finished this small quilt from Edyta Sitar's Book, Little Handful of Scraps.
So much fun to put scraps of favorite fabrics together! I love the secondary chevron pattern created by off-setting the hourglass units.

Perfecting my wool dyeing skills.
Part of this weekends pots.
Off to fire up the pots right now and work on another little quilt.
I do love my small scale piecing projects!

Next week I am off to San Diego for a family vacation....both my children and both sets of grands. Jaxson and I will celebrate our birthdays together at Sea World. Perfect celebration for a 3 year old and a 64 year old....will make me feel young again.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Little Embarrassed!

It has been over a year since I last posted.
It is not that I have not been productive.
Most of my projects have been small things using wool.
I also started dyeing wool.
Here is a sampling of some of the projects I did during the winter months.

Several  Buttermilk Basin designs!
One of my favorite projects, Crimson Tweed, a BOM we are running at TOWQS.
This is the kind of wool I have been fun!

As many of you know, I currently manage my LQS; but this summer was my time to do some things for myself. 
Here are a few of the things I worked on:
This is what I truly love...small scale precision piecing.  I have fallen in love with Edyta Sitar's quilts.
I have started this quilt, Sunrise Scraps, and I am doing a sew-along on The Olde World Quilt Shoppe's facebook page if you are crazy enough to want to join me.

I have not neglected my wool work. Learning to embellish these blocks from Lisa Bongean's pattern, A Penny Gathering.
I did spend a lot of time with the grands this summer and took a fabulous trip to Iceland with my sister and her hubbie.
So I am sorry I have not posted in for ages.
I will be doing tutorials and posts on The Olde World Quilt Shoppe's blog if you want to keep up with me.
Until next summer, keep sewing and enjoy the process.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A little this and a little that!

We have returned to the cabin and I have worked on a few new projects.
This is a pattern from 1894 Cottonwood House called 'Charmed.'
I love the rusted jingle bells on his crocked little mouth.
My husband made the bread board for me to mount it on.  I just need to stain it.

The first block of Raven, from Blackbird Designs. 

Another stocking from Kim Diehl's book.

And lastly,
Hospitality door hanger, again from Kim's book.

Not much else since these two precious granddaughters came with me.

Therefore, we have been playing at the river, enjoying a good old fashioned 4th of July celebration and camping in our new camper, Rockie.

And finally,
our newest family member.

Next on my list...
the tree skirt from Kim's book.
My daughter and I are also making the girls quilts for the camper.
Hope you are enjoying your summer!  I know I am.