Sunday, November 21, 2010

A few finishes...

Finished up two of Renee Plains' patterns for sewing rolls.
They are from her book, A Bird in Hand.
Also, I pieced the third block for the Paris in Fall BOM.
This is a pattern by Sherri K. Falls for This and That.
It is a BOM available at the OWQS.
I love the richness of these Moda French General fabrics.

Speaking of Moda.
Many of us enjoy the freebies out there in blogland.
Have you ever visited the Moda Bake Shop.
Click the button on my sidebar or visit them here.
There are many free patterns available using all the latest fabrics from Moda.

Hoping to put the finishing touches on Autumn's Bounty this afternoon.
Then my DD has cooked up an appetizer party for tonight.
I was her sous chef!


  1. Something look familiar you made! Both look so nice and cute :) And your block for the Paris in Fall BOM looks very pretty... I agree, I also love FG!!

  2. Lovely projects! I will have to check out that book.

  3. Wow....Cheryl that Paris in the Fall block is beautiful. I bought the pattern, but not the BOM.

    Going to check out the book A Bird in Hand.

  4. Lovely projects! Love the sewing rolls. The fabrics you are using are beautiful!

  5. Your fabric choices are wonderful for just about everything you do! Love em! Oh these are darned adorable....just adorable!!

  6. I so enjoy your blog music, especially Yo-Yo Ma's Libertango. Bought the CD today.

  7. Oh, Cheryl--your sewing rolls turned out wonderfully! Renée would be so proud! It's neat to see people actually making the projects from the book I worked on! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Nice looking sewing rolls. How is the inside divided up?

  9. The colours and the projects look great Cheryl - I love the red in both, so vibrant.

  10. All of your work is beautiful! Love the colors used in each one.

  11. Oh, I love your sewing rolls - they are fabulous.

    Your Paris in the Fall block is so pretty. I've been tempted - sigh! :-)

    BTW, I love your sister's art - wow - two very talented women. :-)

  12. Wow get so much done! You are very inspiring! Would love to finish so many gets in the way sometimes...

  13. The sewing rolls look great. I like your choise of fabrics and the bindings are just perfect. Love stripes!
    The fall block is beautiful too and asyou write - the fabrics are really so rich and deep.
    Take care :-)

  14. The sewing rolls are wonderful and wow the block is fantastic. Love the colours. I've seen the Moda site and love there patterns.

  15. You are just one in a very talented family.
    I enjoyed your sisters art and your daughter has a lovely turkey coming along..........


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