Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A new winner, SAL progress report and a gift from down under!

Congratulations, Sandie ~call me crazy!
You are the new winner of the pattern-fabric follower appreciation gift.
I learned that next time I need to have people leave at least a comment so I know they are actually reading my blog on a consistent basis and are interested in winning.

And apologies are in order.  Linda from Stray Stitches has finished her SAL quilt and I neglected to report on it.  I know she will forgive me with all the last week has thrown my way.
I like her choice of setting.
It truly shows off the intricate and precise piecing in each block.
Hats off for a fabulous finish, Linda!

Carolyn has decided to use a cheery, cheddar background for her first two blocks.
I can hardly wait to see this one when finished.  My idol, Sally Collins, is a proponent of using color in your 'background' fabric instead of a typical 'white on white' or 'beige on beige' background fabric.  Sally states, "...using one of the chosen colors in the background area help(s) to integrate the design and background."  I think Carolyn's version will demonstrate this quite nicely.  Add blue and this triadic color combo will have a very pleasing effect. (Can you tell I just taught a color wheel seminar!)

Finally, a perfect gift! A mysterious package arrived today from Australia. What could it be? My DD was as curious as I was.  First was a fall themed card with a lovely verse entitled 'Fall Thoughts.'
A chill is in the air, the days becoming short.
A time to settle down and give my quilting scraps a sort.
The reds, rusts and golds remind me of Fall,
These crisp autumn days are the best time of all
For planning, arranging and finally sewing,
Contentedly watching each quilt block growing.
I press them, inspect them and put them in order,
Measure and plan and add a pieced border.
Pinning and basting, happily knowing
I'll be ready for quilting when it starts snowing.

Elaine Brackett
'Quilt' magazine
Fall 1984

And then...
...this is what the box contained--an enchanting pincushion, taking its rightful place alongside my now rather extensive collection of pincushions. Merilyn participated in the Small Quilt Talk maple leaf block exchange and this was the 'thank you' gift she sent my way for being a hostess. Heck, if it means that I will receive gifts like this, sign me up again!
I especially like her sense of humor.
My husband can relate to this one!

Not much creativity will happen around here for the next week. Maybe a mug rug or two. Maybe even an applique shape or two.
Guests arrive on Saturday to begin celebrating Thanksgiving.
I know I cannot resist blogging again before turkey day, but just in case,
I hope everyone has a happy, tryptophan loaded, Thanksgiving celebration.


  1. Beautiful red fabric for the giveaway - Congrats to the winner !!!

  2. Linda's quilt top turned out fabulous!
    Carolyn's blocks are so cheerful - I can't wait to see her finished top!
    Congrats on the lovely gifts - how very thoughtful of Merilyn.

  3. Happiest Thanksgiving to you and yours, Cheryl! Always thankful for your friendship and this year thankful you introduced me to quilting blogs - inspiration and enjoyment with every click.

  4. h thank you so much! I'm so excited!! :-) Love your little pincushion and I was just making a little threat about using my sewing scissors the other day so I'll have to show hubby the funny. ;-) Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. For the record, I check your blog every day and love it.

    Linda's SAL finished quilt is fantastic. Love the colors. And, Carolyn's blocks are beautiful - can't wait to see the next ones.

    Cheryl, Happy Thanksgiving. Hope your holiday is a peaceful and joyful one for you and your family.


  6. Hi Cherly, Linda's SAL finished quilt is wonderful----wow---- I hope after the first of the year mine will be a finish also!

    Thank you for your suggestion using blue fabric, I would not have ever thought of that -----I better get going so I can start making plans on the next step!

    Gobble, gobble----- that's "Happy Thanksgiving" in Turkey talk!


  7. I love that cartoon. I am printing it and putting on the mirror for when my husband shaves tomorrow. He will learn not to even think about touching my scissors. Oh, yes, he will learn...

  8. Here's hoping your Thanksgiving is as wonderful as you hope!
    Carolyn is much braver than me! Using the yellow for the background really makes the block pop.
    Congratulations to Sandi on her win.
    Love the cartoon. Guess I'm lucky because that has never been an issue with my husband. He grew up in a house with 3 sewing woman and I'm sure learned at a young age never to use the sewing scissors - lol!
    And, no appologies necessary. I know that your life was in a turmoil and I hope things have calmed down at least a little.!!

  9. What a lovely pin cushion. Lucky you! I must say I will give my background fabric/colour more thought from now one since I've seen Carolyn's. Have a happy Thanksgiving.


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