Friday, November 5, 2010

A SAL finish!

Chi in Japan finished her SAL quilt top.
I love the stripe border she added.
Here are Jill's latest blocks.
Looking good!
I pieced half of the maple leaf blocks I received from the Small Quilt Talk block exchange into this table runner this morning with the aid of my coffee. One block in this quilt came from Spain, another from France, several from Canada and the rest from around the good ole US of A, including Alaska!
It is my first experience with a block exchange and I enjoyed it.

Today will be a special day! How do I know this? 3 bobcats walked through my side yard this morning. How lucky am I! Too bad there isn't a GO giveaway to win today ;O)
Sorry the pictures are so poor quality, but I didn't have my telephoto lens on.

So, several of my followers have queried whether or not there are more hours in the day here in the southwest. I had to laugh. No, we have the same number of hours, although no daylight savings time. There is something everyone should know about me.  I start a lot of projects! I finish very few of them. I feel good when I finish something, but I don't fret over all the UFOs in my quilting closet.  I have to cook, clean the house, etc., but I don't have to finish my quilting projects. I take them to a point of satisfaction. If I tire of the process, I simply move on.
No regrets.
So you can call me the starter, but not the finisher. 
That is Kay!


  1. The tablerunner turns out great with the black fabric. As I have written to you before - you make me want to start more projects ;-)).
    Chi's SAL is beautiful.
    Have a nice weekend, dear Cheryl.

  2. oh my ~!!~ three~!~ bobcats~!?!~
    is there a family or litter nearby possibly?

    love your positive attitude about creativity and the process vs. the product . . . i do the same thing but do have regrets. must work on that~!


  3. What great quilt/blocks you've shown us today. I agree with you about not having to finish a project. I always thought it was because I had ADD and didn't know it.LOL. I call myself a topper.

  4. Chi's blocks look great framed in those lovely stripes. I am pretty sure I see one of my blocks on the far right in your table runner so add Australia to your list. Adding the black was a great idea.

  5. Wow 3 bobcats! I've only ever seen one, and from a distance. How cool! (I hope you don't have outside pets!) Love the quilt projects!

  6. Love your table runner, may have to copy this one! I am in the same boat as you...I am great at starting projects, lots of them in fact! I think I have quilters ADD!

  7. Ooooo!! Love them all! What a great idea for all those leaves! I got mine in the mail today and have been fondling them trying to figure out what I will do with them. And that SAL quilt is darling! The border matches wonderfully!

  8. I like tablerunner, so warm color, a perfect fall complement.
    I see Chi made in pink too :) I like it!

  9. Chi's SAL turned out beautiful! I love the fabrics Jill chose for her blocks.
    Your leaf block exchange sounds like it was a lot of fun - your little runner is turning out great!

  10. I love the runner you made! Wish I had known about that exchange. Guess I need to start reading more on the SQT


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