Sunday, November 7, 2010

Secret SAL participant and 70 followers, all in one day!

Barbara in California, my home state, dazzled me with her completed SAL quilt top today. How pretty is this one. Until today, I didn't even know she was participating. Who told her my favorite color is orange? She even mastered the Kansas Troubles block, the most challenging block in the series!
Fantastic Finish, Barbara!

And my new quilty friend, Cheryl, became my 70th follower. How fitting that we share the same name.  She will receive a copy of my 'Grab n Go' pattern and the fabrics of her choice to make it.  She is in my class this coming Thursday and we will shop together!  I will still choose 2 other winners.  This time I will just put all the names in a basket and let my DD choose. No RNG gadget!  


  1. Another beautiful finish! Congrats on reaching 70 followers!!

  2. Barbara's SAL top is gorgeous! I too love those colors.
    Big congrats on reaching 70 followers!

  3. A very nice quilt indeed.


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