Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Celebration!

All four large squares of my Kim Diehl queen size quilt are appliqued. 
Next step is to assemble the connecting panels and do the center applique and then off to the quilter she will go! I might meet my goal of having it done in time for the Arizona quilt shown in March.
And here is my reward! 
A small quilt, another Kim Diehl pattern from her latest book, Simple Graces.
The intensity of the fabrics is refreshing for me. Her version, Welcome Wagon, is much larger than my miniature version.  I opted to increase the size of the hourglass blocks to 1 1/2" finished, instead of the 1" finished I originally planned.  At 1", I could not appreciate the fabrics as well. 
Right now, it will finish around 14" square. 
So many bloggers are talking about New Year's resolutions and the most popular one seems to be 'finishing projects'  before they start new ones.  OR, I like this one better--'finishing' a project a month.
That seems more realistic for me.
Even my Small Quilt Talk yahoo group is having a 'finishing' challenge.

What project will you finish in January?


  1. Love that Kim Diehl quilt. Just beautiful!!

  2. Oh I love Kim Diehl!~ your projects are both wonderful! Happy New Year!

  3. Your Kim Diehl quilt looks great! I love her books and patterns. Can't wait to see it all finished!! Happy New Year...

  4. I have do google a little to find out more about Kim Diehl. I like a lot, what I see in your post. Both looks so great and I really look forward to see them finished.
    You asked "What project will you finish in January?". Well, I want to finish your SAL Quilt. I like to have goals - they sometimes help and sometimes they don't ;-)
    Happy happy New Year, dear Cheryl to you and your family.

  5. It's always a treat to see your fun projects take shape. You are one of the best people I know when it comes to completing projects! My goal for January is to complete the quilt top for a block exchange project that my small quilt group did this past year. Of course, they are all made up in 1800s repro fabrics—my favorites.

  6. Your quilt is growing wery well!!!
    My goal for January is star this same quilt :) and I hope it will be beautiful at least the half than your.
    Happy new year,

  7. Congratulations on completing your applique'd Kim Diehl blocks!
    Love those little hourglass blocks...they will make a darling little quilt!

    I have so many new projects I've resolved to START in 2011. lol
    As far as finishes go - my Dear Jane is a must to complete by Spring. Anything else is bonus points. ;)

  8. Your Kim Diehl quilt blocks are awesome...this has been on my wish list for awhile! And your little hourglass blocks are so looks like you are having some fun in your sewing room...keep it up.

  9. What awesome Kim Diehl blocks Love both of you quilts What a great accomplishment! Congrats !

  10. Your applique is gorgeous! They will make a beautiful quilt...and I love your little tiny blocks.

  11. Those Kim Diehl blocks are something I have wanted to make but haven't found time. Yours are wonderful with all those different fabrics you have used.

  12. Thank you for your inspiring post! Love the wonderful fabrics you used in the small quilt you made of Kim Diehl design.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

    Have fun in your sewing room, I know you do!!! P.S. I like your second option for your NYR!


  13. Very nice applique blocks!! Do you want do mine, too? lol And the small quilt is lovely. I love the colors so much! No resolution is a good thing for me... Happy New Year!!

  14. Lovely work as always. I am a fan of the hour glass blocks and the end result is so strong and vivid.

  15. Applause, applause - you've finished the applique. WooHoo!

    Love the small quilt.

    I've been thinking about 2011 goals but no firm plans. :-)

  16. That applique on the pieced backgrounds is gorgeous!

  17. Lovely Blocks! It will make a beautiful quilt! I am inspired...It's time to start a Kim Diehl project of my own. My new years resolution is to get something started and finished before June. Maybe this will get me going!
    Happy New Year to you!


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