Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pieced, but not quilted, so...

...I guess I can't call it finished.
My mother brought me these antique scissors at Thanksgiving.
And, I bought myself an early Christmas present.
The photo is of my paternal grandfather, the quilter!
I am so glad Dee, of TOWQS fame, convinced me to use the green stripe in the border instead of the black.  It gives it a true turn of the century feel.


  1. Those antique scissors are so cool! What a nice mom. Your Featherweight looks so charming on the table beside the photo of your grandfather and your little quilt top. Love the way the border turned out. I do like that green stripe!

  2. Very nice - Scissors, sewing machine and of course your mini quilt! The green stripe border looks just beautiful.

  3. That is quite a sweet collection of loved items. How cool to have a grandfather quilter! He deserves a pretty featherweight sitting next to his picture :-) Love the scissors too. Enjoy!

  4. Beautiful, just beautiful is all I can say!!

  5. Your mini quilt turned out wonderful!
    I love how you displayed it with your little featherweight, antique scissors and that heart warming photo of your Grandfather!

  6. The green stripe elegantly gives the centre the pride of place it deserves. Those wonderful colours in this little quilt remind me that I have a bag of beautiful autumn leaves to play with. May you and your family enjoy a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

  7. Great choice with the border. And Wow I'd love to get those scissors.

  8. Love the stripe! Really did make the quilt. Love the scissors and congrats on the featherweight. I love mine- she just sings to me everytime I sew on her (I've named her Fiona, lol!). Love that you have a grandfather that quilted!!


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