Monday, December 13, 2010

Just a note about my 1880 sampler quilt

I have 11 blocks drafted and Doreen has provided the names of all the blocks.
I originally decided to post the patterns one block at a time starting in Jan.
However, Homestead Hearth is offering a BOM program starting in Feb. based on the book, A Mother's Gift.
I am seriously contemplating my next move.
A big thank you to Lisa for bringing it to my attention.
My only saving grace is that I decided to draft them 5" and they were actually 4 1/2" finished in the original quilt.  Homestead Hearth's program will give you a historically accurate reproduction of the quilt.
Mine will not. 
 I don't even know if I can draft more than 3/4 of the blocks.
Check their program out.  From what I can tell, it is similar to the Farmer's Wife Quilt in that you use a CD with templates or foundation paper piecing patterns, which will make the complex blocks easier than my method. 
I felt you needed to know the facts up front.
I learned to hook yesterday afternoon--that is rug hook!
My new quilty friend, Debbie, is teaching me.
Just what I need! Another hobby/craft.
How many unfinished rugs can a person acquire in a lifetime?
Stay tuned for the answer.
But, really. There is one in my new Kim Diehl book I want to do, so I need to practice on this darling quilt sampler rug that Debbie gifted to me.  How apropos for me--a sampler fanatic!

And if you are looking for a visual treat,
check this gal's home tour out!
Puts my 'glitzy' decor to shame!


  1. I checked out the information on the Homestead Hearth program. I can understand why you have to re-think your plans.

  2. I like what I see so far in your rug hook sampler. I don't think that I've ever seen that craft before. Looks like fun!

  3. Oh I'd love to learn how to hook rugs! Lucky you!!!! So....will you teach me? :-)

  4. Congrats on learning how to rug hook!
    One can never have too many stitchery talents ;)

    I would still love for you to share your progress and journey - as you re-create these wonderful blocks in the larger 5" size!

    Regardless of whether people participate along with you or follow the BOM program being offered on the other site.

    Whatever you choose to do - Please keep posting your wonderful blocks as you complete them.
    You are a great teacher and offer wonderful inspiration (and motivation) to many of us!

  5. Dear Cheryl.
    I can only agree to what has already been written. No matter what you decide to do, please keep on posting your progress. I would be sorry not to be able to see your beautiful small blocks.

  6. I was thinking the same thing...I actually have the pattern and the EQ disk for the quilt, but I'm not doing it with Homestead Hearth. I'd planned to do it with you! :-) And since I can resize the patterns in EQ, the 5" was gonna work just fine for me! :-) I was really hoping the quilt-along would keep me motivated for the long haul of it! :-D Do what suits your schedule and commitments! I'm along for the ride either way!
    Mary Lou

  7. I enjoy seeing your progress on the 5" blocks. I would still make them along with you. I like the 5" size. Plus, I can make the ones I want and not feel like I have to do them all. Loving the other little projects you have been working on.

  8. I was looking forward to joining in on your sampler project, so you can count me in. I'd love it if you'd continue with it. It doesn't matter to me whether you draft all of them or not--it's just fun to follow along on your journey.


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