Monday, December 27, 2010

A Sonoran Sunset

The clouds that will bring rain in the next few days sure made for a kaleidoscope of color on the horizon tonight.
If only I could capture the splendor of Mother Nature in my quilts.
I just have to share the tale of our Christmas feast. 
My sister does not have a large home and expected 21 guests for dinner.
She also expected a major storm front to move in.
To solve her dilemma, her engineer husband and she erected a tent structure off the sliding glass door to her backyard.  To make sure we were all dry and comfortable, they enclosed the sides with plastic sheeting from Home Depot.  To make this plastic scenario seem more festive, she festooned the side walls with twinkle lights and silver balls.  Each table had a unique and 'glitzy' centerpiece. (Must run in the family!)  Propane space heaters provided the warmth.
Never underestimate Yankee ingenuity!
My sister and her granddaughter.
Yes, she has 5 and is my younger sister!
I don't remember a better Christmas dinner!


  1. Cheryl - that sunset is just Divine!

    What a wonderful dinner your sister put together! The tent looks so festive & pretty.
    Your beautiful grand-neice looks like she is having a terrific time! Glad your Christmas was Merry!

  2. Welcome back, Cheryl. What a beautiful sight of that glowing horizon to welcome you back. It sounds like you had a fun Christmas in California. Your sister is quite the hostess.

  3. Your sunset picture looks like our sunrise on Christmas morning! Gorgeous!!
    Looks like a great time at your sister's home!

  4. What a beautiful Christmas for you all to share. In years to come you will all remember Christmas in the tent - not just any tent but a beautifully decorated festive tent.

  5. what a beautiful picture of the decorated tent and your Sister with her granddaughter says it all!
    Happy New Year!


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