Monday, December 6, 2010

SSQSG meeting on Sunday

My friend, Merumo, posted about our meeting and did such a grand job that I will just send you over to her to see all the beautiful work the ladies have done in the last month and a half.
You can find her here.
However, she had a purse she made with her that both my daughter and I adored.
We had picked up a book on felted, crocheted flowers on one of our visits to the bookstore.
Now I want to make a bag and decorate it with them.
Need to brush up on those knitting and crocheting skills first!
We were sharing stories at group, and I mentioned these trendy aluminum trees from the 50's and early 60's. We had one perched in our picture window in the first home I have memories of.  You had to use the color wheel to light the tree to avoid electrocution!
I have a collection of the 'antique' (if they are antiques, what does that make me??) glass ornaments that were used on both my family's tinsel tree and on my husband's.  Perhaps that is why I have a glitzy tree!
Here is my tree.
I'll be back with a photo collection of the ornaments and their significance soon (per Merumo's suggestion!) Don't forget to stop by her blog to see all the other ladies work!


  1. Merumo's knitted purse is fabulous! (her talents always amaze me)
    What a great Tinsel Tree photo.
    Your Christmas tree is Gorgeous!

  2. Cheryl, what a Christmastree. Such a beauty.

  3. I like the tree skirt. Is it one you made?

  4. I enjoyed my visit to Merumo's blog. What a lovely collection of work. I think your tree looks wonderful. I can't avoid Christmas any longer can I?

  5. Seriously! Is there anything T can't do with a needle and thread or knitting needles!? Love that gorgeaous handbag! Thanks for sharing it! Such talen!


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