Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm keeping busy!

Finished another mug rug as a gift for my DD's friend at school.
Her last name is PEAR.  We'll add some hot cocoa mix and viola!
A handmade Christmas gift.
The best part of these simple gifts is that I get to do some serious machine quilting practice.
Look what I cooked up this am.
Cutest little sunglass case from Kim Diehl's latest book.
I know my mother is going to love this gift.
Tomorrow---power shopping day!
Wish me luck.
I have my list and coupons ready.
Hoping everyone else stays home!


  1. Yes, you are right. Handmade gifts are lovely and the best you can get. The sunglass case is cute. I have to try to make some mug rugs - easy and quickly project. Love the one you have made.
    Of course I wish you luck on your power shopping day!
    Take care.

  2. I must make some mug rugs, they are a good Christmas gift, I don't know if I can personalize it like You, but sure I'll try!
    Very, very nice also the sunglass.

  3. Love the way you added the friends name...very clever! They are such a fun gift! Well done!

  4. The mug rug is adorable. I'm sure your mom will love the beautiful eyeglass case.

  5. Those mug rugs are just the cutest things! So many possibilities. I am drooling over your sunglasses case! Looks like it's made of wool--one of my favorite things!


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