Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Focus

Recently, Madame Samm asked the question, "What will you throw your heart into in February?"
My answer was 'quilts for charity.'
My goal is to make one quilt for the Linus Project, above is a sneak peek.
Machine quilt a Breast Cancer Fundraising Quilt.
Finally, finish the sleeve on my Alzheimer's Quilt Initiative donation and get it in the mail!!
Next in line is to finish the one I started for the Quilts of Valor.  It will be added to my list of 10 WIP/UFOs I am working to finish.  It will take its place after my Kim Diehl quilt is bound and removed from the top of the list.
I really do have good intentions and it helps me to publicly declare them.
Keeps me focused and committed.
How do you stay focused on the finish line?


  1. I'm kind of a compulsive finisher which is good in some ways but I can't seem to work on more than one thing at a time comfortably. So if a project is stalled...so am I. I will press on to get it done so I can start something new. Not necessarily a speedy process!
    I love your quilt pictured today. The red and black and yellow is strikingly beautiful.

  2. I'm the polar opposite of the previous commenter. I rarely finish a quilt without working on other quilts at the same time. It seems like ideas come to me when I'm not consciously thinking about a quilt. They often come when I'm working on a different quilt. I'm trying not to worry about all the UFOs and WIPs. I decided it is only a problem if I never have finishes and that isn't the case. That said, I have increased the finishes over the past year and I'm happy about that. I'm itching to start a new project, but holding off while I get some finishes and reorganize and paint my sewing room. Right now, that is my goal. I guess I do use that trick - I can start that when I finish this.

  3. mmm first I love that you do sew much for many that is certainly pouring your heart with it...
    and re both of your comments up there...I am one project at a time madame lol...I am a stickler like that which is why I guess to many I seem quite organized lol

  4. You have a big heart!!
    I'm in the middle, I work one quilt at time generally, but I have always a BOM in my schedule, so there are always 2 quilt to work on, but not more, I can more :)
    Hugs, Denise

  5. I work on many things at one time and do a little for me and a little for charity and somehow get them finished.
    Great quilt in your picture
    Take care

  6. Thanks for the peek at the current project. Nice use of your signature black.
    I am not a good finisher of big things. I need a motivating factor, a show or event to finish for. Small projects seem to fit the bill at the moment and they do get finished (most of the time).

  7. Love the quilt you are working on. How great to work toward charity quilts for the month. How do I stay focused? I have trouble staying with one project too long so small is the way I found works best. Or BOM also works. I have a quilt I've been working on since last summer. Finally started quilting it but should have taken it to the long arm quilter to finish.

  8. Wonderful that you are working on these beautiful quilt for such a great cause!

    I try not to have to much going on at one time and do try to finish what I start--- now I did say try----cause I can't wait till I start on a new project! I do have a small basket of UFP's but they are at the bottom of my closet! :)

    Your quilt that you are working on is beautiful.


  9. Hi Cheryl,
    I make a monthly list and try to stick to it with all good intentions. I work on many projects as it suits me to do it that way and eventually some get to the finishing stage. I am in no hurry and just enjoy the process. One month I may try just sticking to one project to see what happens. Good luck with your charity quilts.
    Love Shirley.

  10. Wow Cheryl! How wonderful that you share your talents in such a way, and with so many people.


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