Monday, February 7, 2011

Signature Blocks and a Civil War theme!

This week will be consumed with signature blocks.
First I will make 50 siggy blocks for my Small Quilt Talk Yahoo group's exchange.
The fabric is washed and ironed, ready to start.
Then I'll continue to work on my Album Quilt from Kathleen Tracy's new book,
The Civil War Sewing Circle.
Just waiting on a few signatures.
Love the Civil War Chronicles fabric from Judie Rothermel!
#5 Kansas Troubles
from Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilts BOTW. 
Here they all are.
Notice the one that is conspicuously missing!!

I finished piecing my doll quilt for Christine's exchange.
I attempted to reproduce an antique doll quilt.
I am very pleased with the result and hope Lisa will like it as well.


  1. You chicken! Where are your stars?
    I suspect I will leave a few out along the way too. Your blocks are all lovely. We are lucky to have so many beautiful fabrics to choose from.
    Looking at the flickr page there are some interesting results with the Richmond block after changing the placement of lights and darks.

  2. We sure have the same taste in fabric and patterns!!
    Should I start the B.Brackman blocks? Think I have too. They seem pretty fast to make, compared to the CWD blocks I'm making. I like to get the rotary cutting instructions. And what about fabric...
    BTW, I wasn't aware that there is a swap going on right now, I have not possibilities to read all the mails from my yahoo groups. Sorry this time.

  3. All of your blocks are gorgeous!! I think my favorite today is the #6 Richmond. You do such lovely work and I always love your fabric selections.

  4. Those blocks are just beautiful! Your work on them is wonderful.
    I just love Civil War fabrics :D

  5. The blocks are lovely and the fabric you chose for them is perfect!

  6. THE this is when I said NO....LOL
    I'm glad we are similiar!

  7. Your blocks all look beautiful! I will get to my siggy blocks for our group either today or tomorrow :)

  8. I like your fabric choices. You do such nice piecing.

  9. Love the blocks and the fabrics you are using. This will be gorgeous all together.

  10. What fun projects you have for this week. Looking forward to seeing the results.

  11. Gorgeous blocks Cheryl, I actually love the little weekly challenges, they are a lot of fun! Your Album Quilt blocks are stunning!

  12. Love all of your blocks! I purchased a few FQ's of the Civil War Chronicles to add to my all of them!

  13. Love your fabric choices. I haven't gone beyond the first 2 CW blocks, but would like to get back to them at some point.

  14. I love your album blocks & the fabrics you are using for this quilt! I have to order that book this week! It looks fantastic.

    Your CW blocks are wonderful!

    Wishing you quick time on those 50 siggy blocks!

  15. Your blocks are just beautiful.

  16. Very striking blocks! Your piecework is well done, too. They are certainly going to make a gorgeous quilt. I can't believe all the projects you're doing! You must spend all day in the sewing room.

  17. Wow Cheryl your blocks are wonderful. Love the Richmond one! Do you want me to make your 7 Sisters for you? I'd hate to see you get behind. ;) Can't wait to see my quilt, and glad I only have to make 20 signature blocks!

  18. Very nice... and love your fabrics!


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