Saturday, February 26, 2011

A February Full of Finishes!

I am quite proud of myself.
February was a very productive and satisfying month for me.
I finished (now that is a word you will not often see me use!)
3 items on my UFO/WIP priority list, in addition to completing 4 small quilts, and managed to fit in 50 siggy blocks.
I have made 3 more CW blocks for Barbara Brackman's BOW.
Decided to add in a little gold...the red, white and blue got a little stale for me.
Kinda like that khaki colored background behind the blocks. 
Just got a new Bonnie Blue basics in TOWQS that might be the perfect sashing color for these puppies.  Hmmm, food for thought.

I have updated my UFO/WIP list to include 3 new projects I am anxious to start and hopefully someday finish.  Kathleen Tracy over at the Small Quilt Talk Yahoo Group is having a UFO challenge.  Even though binding my Calico Comfort, her design by the way, was already on my list, I have entered it as my challenge to complete. 
Yah, I know what you are thinking!

So now I am ready to March right on in to a new month!
Do you think I could come up with a Shamrock Lil Twister design?


  1. Hi,
    I followed the link to see Jeanne's blog and came acroos her tart tin pincushions. I am interested in buying some from her but am unable to leave a comment. I do not have a blog. Could you please pass on my info for her to contact me via email. Email address is I am from Canada. Thanks so very much. Love your blog.

  2. Your blocks are beautiful and You have all reasons to be proud!

  3. Oh yes. A lil twister shamrock - yeah. Will start previewing green fabrics in anticipation.
    You are hereby crowned the lil twister queen.

    Terry in So. Calif.

  4. You've done very well, the blocks are wonderful. I just tried the charm pack twister and now after seeing your little heart, I think I need to try that one too.

  5. What beautiful blocks ! I love the fabrics you chose !

  6. Congratulations on all of your finishes!!! Your blocks are beautiful and I, too, like the gold addition.

  7. Love your blocks. Worked on mine this morning too. Hugs

  8. Love your blocks! I need to do some Civil War blocks.......I'm enjoying looking at everyones elses :) A Shamrock Lilttle Twister? I'd love to see it :)

  9. You are making me want a lil twister! Actually I do have one that is 3.5 x 3.5..tells me to cut 5" squares for the pieced top. What size is yours? I'm still loving the heart and a shamrock will be REALLY cute!!

  10. I love your blocks! And those fabrics are wonderful:) I still need to start my first Civil War block! So you're doing great!

  11. Your B/Brackman BOW's are just lovely, great fabrics! - sometimes I have a hard time choosing fabrics for these blocks!!

  12. I believe that you will achieve whatever you set your mind to. So Shamrock it is! Your BB blocks are just delicious, that red and black with the added gold, wow.

  13. Those finishes always feel good! I love how your CW blocks are coming along!

  14. Love your Civil War blocks, Cheryl.


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