Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Had to share...

I have been trying to blog less frequently, but...
just had to share the latest block for the 1880 Sampler Quilt.
It looks wonderful set on point.
I had been postponing making this block
(only 61 pieces),
but it turned out to be easier than I thought.
Don't worry~~you will have 8 other blocks to make before you get to this one!

Back to siggy blocks.


  1. That's quite an interesting block! Nice work on it...all 61 pieces!
    got to tell ya..love your play list :-)

  2. Looks great! but soooooooooo many pieces.

  3. Lovely work Cheryl, it pays off when you go that extra mile LOL, great little block!!!

  4. Oh my goodness 61 pieces ! Great job piecing this one together. Sometimes what seems to be be hardest block is the easiest.

  5. What a great block! I like how this one turned out. 61 pieces is quite an accomplishment on a small block like this!
    At least I don't see any tricky triangle pieces.

  6. It's a beauty. Sixty-one pieces in one block seems like a lot, but I do bet it was worth it in the end:) So pretty!

  7. What a beautiful block! Your color selection just sets it off perfectly!

  8. Wov, beautiful block, Cheryl! And so many different fabrics on it...

  9. I like this block. I must admit I have never bothered to count the pieces - I just piece 'til the end!

  10. That block look complicated. Yours looks awesome!

  11. It doesn't look like it would be 61 pieces but it does look like easy sewing even with all the pieces.

  12. Sixty-one pieces? I started the SBS because they were 6-inch blocks instead of the 4-inch in the DJ.... ??? I am trusting you that this one will be easy... need to get busy with the first eight! ;-) ...Karen


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