Sunday, February 13, 2011

I have a new participant in my 1880 Sampler Quilt Along. 
Mary from Quilting in OZ (her blog) has joined in and caught up with the rest of us in no time.
And Jill from PA surprised me with this picture of all her SAL blocks.  They are pieced and she is playing with the setting.  She did a fantastic job. 
She made duplicates of some of the blocks that she originally didn't like her color choices for, and then decided she liked them after all.  I try to tell my beginners, who learn to piece by doing a sampler quilt, to wait until the end to make changes to blocks.
I should listen to my own advice.
I cannot tell you how many times I will remake a block until I am happy with my fabric selections!
All 50 siggy blocks are done and ready to be autographed.
I think I was dreaming of Spring when I chose the fabrics for these fellas.

Today is the monthly meeting of my SSQSG and we are exchanging signature blocks.
We are also expecting a much anticipated guest.
I'll be back to tell you all about her visit if she makes it.
Hopefully, she will bring some of her exquisite quilts to share!
Lots of applique, ribbon embroidery and hand quilting!


  1. Love those fabrics in your signature blocks. Have fun at your meeting - hope all goes as planned.

  2. Of course, you are thinking of Spring - we all are ! Hoping it comes soon. BTW, you probably mentioned b/f, but who's photo is that on your Blog heading ? Have a fun meeting today - laugh and enjoy the company. And sew on...

  3. I love the title of your is so true :) Great projects!

  4. Congratulations to Mary & Jill!
    Their blocks look terrific!

    Your siggie blocks look fabulous! Enjoy your meeting and swapping out with your quilting friends!

  5. Thanks for sharing my blocks. You've made them look good in the collage. I know I'm going to have so much fun with these. I agree about waiting until the end to make changes. Sometimes I think one or two "quirky" blocks are just what it takes to make a quilt special.

  6. Loved the show and tell! Your signature blocks look great, too. I can't wait to here about the special guest.

  7. Gorgeous little siggie blocks, I'm sure they will be well received!!!

  8. Love your siggies blocks what a fun exchange.

    Have fun at your meeting and sharing with all of your quilting buddies! :) Carolyn

  9. I like the colours that Mary has chosen for her sampler.
    Siggie blocks are still under construction here but the number is growing.
    I will heed your advice and not make any changes to my Civil War blocks until the end.

  10. The SAL blocks were so much fun and I just love each one! I think I will be doing your original setting, so I need to make two 1/2 blocks. I have my setting fabric picked out and cut and am ready to add that to my blocks. I might use the extra blocks in a little quilt, something simple.

  11. Enjoy the meeting. I'll check back later to see who the guest was. :)


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