Monday, September 6, 2010

Bringing Fall to Arizona!

Here it is! My crazy wool pincushion is done and the drawing is just days away now.

There is definitely a common theme in all the fabrics I am choosing these days, but fall colors have always been my favorite anyways. I am making my Alzheimer's donation quilt out of these. The pattern is called 'Remember' from Mountain Patchwork and it will be 12 little bowties with embroidery in the muslin border.

I have made some progress on my reorganization efforts. Two more buckets of fabric are folded and put in shoe boxes. Yes, I went shoe shopping today with my daughter and came home with a comfy pair of sandals. We wear those year round here. I was embarrassed to find that I had two fat quarters of the same fabric. Not once, but twice! Maybe this organization effort will stop that from happening again. Dream on!

I joined Kathy Tracy's yahoo group sometime back and volunteered to be a hostess for a maple leaf block exchange. It will be hard to part with these. I love the colors and can hardly wait to receive mine from the other participants so I can put them into a table topper/runner. I have a few ideas already. Anyone seen any good settings for these blocks?

And boy did I score at Target yesterday. I came home with this rug for under the sink in my kitchen for only $17.98. Found it on the clearance rack. It looks like a penny wool rug to me and is very thick and cushiony for standing on our stone floors.

Hope everyone had a safe holiday weekend...Cheryl


  1. Ok, seriously! That is the sweetest little fall stithery ever! I am coveting it! Love your leaf blocks! I was planning on making all of mine the same block since they go to 32 different people... Is that not allowed? Yours look lovely by the way!

  2. love the wool pincushion, Cheryl! And those leaf blocks- positively yummy! Hope I land in your group, lol!!
    I was at Target yesterday, but didn't buy anything as cute as your rug- got one of those closet organizers that hold baskets so I can keep all my ongoing projects organized!! Good grief- I'm certifiable. *smiles*

  3. Hi Cheryl,
    Your maple leaf block is wonderful---love those colors too!
    I've been cleaning and reorganizing my fabric stash also---when I was finished, I took a peek in my closet and then peeked again just to make sure and, "WOW" I dit it! Always makes me feel so good when it's organized---I wonder how long it will stay like this---Hummmmmmmmmmmmm!
    Your "Crazy" pincushion is delightful, everystitch is adorable. Thanks for sharing. Carolyn :)

  4. Hi Cheryl,
    How are you ever going to part with that wonderful wool pincushion?! It turned out great. I enjoyed seeing your maple leaf blocks. I love their scrappy look. And that little bowtie block for your "Remember" quilt is so sweet. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  5. I love your colour choice in the maple leaf block. Everyone these days is talking stash rearranging so I guess that's a hint for me.

  6. My goodness, you have been a busy girl, and found time for shopping!! Love the mat. And the maple leaves, And the bowtie, and the pincushion!!!

  7. love that mat!!!! your blocks look wonderful ah all my favorite fabrics...may have to whip up a little quilt with these blocks too for the fall
    your pincushion is just beautiful
    someone is going to be so lucky to win that.


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