Thursday, September 23, 2010

SAL #7--Basket

Just when I finally learn how to use this blogger program, they update it and now my learning curve has started all over again.  You no longer have to load photos in the reverse order, but OMG, the text thing is now an issue!  Sometimes it is centered and sometimes not.  Sometimes I can put the picture on one side or the other of text, and sometimes not.  It literally can take me hours to post the instructions for a block that took me less than 15 minutes to construct.  That is the case with the next block in my series, BASKET. 
The program tells me it is centered.  OK, what do you see?  It is on the left side for me. Never mind, I centered it. Oops, maybe not.
No matter!  You can find the instructions for this block by clicking on my link to SAL blocks.  Let me know if it does not work!
Here is my Japanese blogger friends latest blocks.  I find it curious how our Civil War fabrics find their way to Japan!  I recognize some Bonnie Blue fabrics. 

If you are sewing along with me, please send me pictures of your blocks and permission to post them on my blog. 

Visitors--another 24 hours has gone by since I last addressed this and guess what, my counter tells me that over 600 visitors have secretly peeked in on my blog.  WOW!  Why don't they comment.  Why don't they become followers.  Interesting phenomenon.  I think I will term them blog voyeurs.  They will peek, but not commit!  I truly appreciate my followers.  So, remember my latest wool pincushion.  Tomorrow morning I will use the RNG thingy again and select one of my 'not afraid to commit' followers as the recipient of it when it is done.  I have to teach it in Oct., so don't expect it to arrive before late Oct., but guess what.  No action is necessary!  If you are a follower, you will be automatically entered in my drawing.  If you are a blog voyeur, sorry!


  1. LOL... blog voyeur. Have a good evening... Karen

  2. Don't worry about blogger we love what we see whether it's aligned left, right or centered. Don't stpo the blocks! I think there are a lot of lurkers out there and I do the same myself sometimes.

  3. Love your blocks and the colors you are using--I am sure you are having fun with them and this one looks good to me!! :)

    Just like working puzzles--only I would rather be making blocks like yours than a puzzle!

    Thanks again for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

    It is beautiful today in Des Moines, Iowa---I have our windows open--Yea!


  4. Speaking for Rosie and myself, we've told all sorts of people about your blog! And, since my brain comes and goes, I couldn't remember how to post a comment. But, my good friend, Rosie, sent instructions.

    Point is, I've been checking daily, but I prefer to be called a "follower."

    I LOVE your blog and your blocks. I'm playing catch up on the blocks. Got two made yesterday. I made myself finish my grandson's quilt top (for Christmas) before I worked on the blocks.

    PIYPL friend,

  5. Getting ready to print block 7 - now I'm three behind - lol!


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