Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Permission Granted!!!

"I'm so excited, and just can't hide it. I'm about to lose control and I think I like it."

The Pointer Sisters aptly described my emotions in their 1980 song! They were talking about something a little different, but the mood was the same.

Ann Seely has given me her permission to publish my derivative of her quilt, Fall Harvest. She was so gracious. All she asked for was a complimentary copy of the pattern.

I just need to add a few more applique shapes and some embroidered accents and I am ready to interview quilters. I could do it myself, but I know one award-winning longarm quilter and one up-and-comer who could really make this quilt shine. I plan to teach it to a few loyal friends to test drive the pattern, and then I will look to publish it.

And the postman brought another great package today. Wool from Sue Spargo. Don't you think these will make a great background for another pincushion?!

Another favorite blog of mine is Stash Manicure. You can find their button on the left side of my blog. This is what most of my stash looks like. I was so embarrassed when my dear quilting friend, Betty, came to harvest lights this weekend. She sat in my sewing room and patiently weeded through my piles, cutting what she wanted, and lovingly folding each one neatly and placing it back in the container. After she left, I started my stash manicure!

Look at the container now! I used Rae Ann's suggestion to use shoe boxes. I used the only two I had. OMG, I might have to go shoe shopping!

Now all I have to do is tackle all the other containers in my stash closet. There are at least another 6 carryalls full of crumpled fabric that need my attention as well. They represent the fabrics for the 6 quilts I have in the queue! Will I ever get to the finish line?

I may finish one or two, but you can guarantee that I will add at least 3 projects to my list for every one I complete!


  1. Woohoo! You go girl! We really are in it together with the spring cleaning!

  2. Love your intro to this post! It made me chuckle! Kudos to you on gaining permission to publish your pattern. Your stash closet looks so organized. Wish you could come here and organize mine.

  3. Congrats! on being able to now publish a pattern for your lovely quilt. Your border application was the icing on the cake.

  4. When l saw the first photo of your fabrics neatly folded, l thought, that can't be all of her stash. l was then very pleased to see more fabric in your cupboard. Some of those fabrics live here in my house too.
    Happy to hear you have permission for your quilt. Well done.

  5. When I also saw the first photo of your fabrics in your container I thought the same as Linda! I also was pleased to view your cupboard. I am wondering if you have another stash tucked away someplace else in the house. Tee-hee!

    Happy to hear your good news regarding permission.

    Have a wonderful weekend and as always--thanks for sharing.

    :) Carolyn

  6. love your "new" pattern those houses are adorable, beautiful applique too. ok love seeing your stash pictures, isn't it fun going thru your fabric even if it is to clean up your sewing room?


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