Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Epiphany...

This morning, as I was staring at the 'preview' picture I posted two days ago, I had an epiphany.  Why not carry the streak of lightning setting into the border. 
Now I just need to figure out the math for 6 1/4" unfinished flying geese. 
Throw in not one, but two directional fabrics and many attempts later, I think I got it.
I will share the cutting instructions when we get to that point.
Of course, now that I see the final product in my mind, I will be going gangbusters again.
I'll try not to post the blocks too rapidly. 
 I know we have several people just joining and others playing catch up.

To make the flying geese, I used McClun and Nownes' method for making what they term double half square triangle units.  I posted the instructions for these earlier.  At this size, you waste quite a bit of fabric when you trim off the excess. 
So waste not, want not. 
 I just made bonus 2" HSTs out of them and now I have the beginnings of a second small quilt.  Great donation to the small quilt auction our state guild hosts annually.
Next step is to figure out the last 2 blocks.  #12 will actually be a block cut in half diagonally to go at the top and bottom of the middle row.  I have an idea on which traditional block I will use.  #11 is another story.  Should it be an easy block like Churn Dash, or maybe Flock?  For those of you willing to try Kansas Troubles, it will be your #11 block. 
If you want to help me decide, leave your vote in your comments.
Off to the sewing table I go.  Have a terrific Thursday...Cheryl


  1. Today I am catching up with you. These are like a puzzle: fun. Mine are in Christmas colors. Looking forward to the last 2 and the setting. I am amazed at the clever ways you put these together. Wonderful. Also, If your book is going to be available. I am interested. Thanks. Ardis in Rogue River, Oregon

  2. The Streak of Lightning setting is going to be very good for these little blocks. I like the dark fabric to be used for it.


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