Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pincushion update and SAL #4

I don't want my blog to create ennui, so I have a few other project pictures to share. Ok, so that is taking this 'big' word thing a little far, I admit. I got a feeling of weariness, but not boredom, when Rosie suggested that one. Great word if you are a crossword puzzle junkie!

Just a few more embroidery stitches and a little ladybug and this pincushion will be done. I want to do a four seasons one next. I have a confession. I got the idea again from Kaaren. The girls at the shoppe gave me the idea for this little tea towel. Goes great with my Target bargain rug!
And these squares will be winging their way to Linda soon. They are for my Maple Leaf block exchange over at Small Quilt Talk (link button on the left.)

And yes, block #4--Crosses and Losses. I don't read the paper with my morning coffee, I make mini quilt blocks!

I have decided that the instructions for these blocks takes up a lot of space on my blog.
From now on, I will post a picture of the block and then link you to the instructions. You will find the instructions for Crosses and Losses here. Hopefully, I will transfer all the previous patterns to the new site as well, but that will take the assistance of my computer nerds, aka, my children.

The word for today's block is obtuse, courtesy of Brigitte. I oversize and custom cut all my blocks involving bias because I am obsesssed with precision and sharp points, not obtuse ones. Nothing less than a good 90 degree angle for me!


  1. What great projects! You have been so busy!

  2. Love your pincushion! Adorable, indeed.

  3. I clicked on "here" for instructions but I didn't find anything. Did I do something wrong?

  4. The blocks you are making are so pretty, and great fabric choices! I want to make some too. I'll be coming back to this blog...thank you!

  5. Honest to goodness lady! I LOVE your little woollen pin cushions. I'm sure that you don't really NEED so many of them and one would just fine on it's way to my house... :o) (OK, just kidding, I'm sure I could come up with the time somehow to put together my own, just not as nice in the embroidery department). Super leaf blocks too. I am having a "leaf assembly line" day with a friend who is also in the swap this coming Tuesday so they can all be mailed out pronto. Happy stitching!

  6. Your maple leaf blocks are "delightfully fall" yummy colors and prints!

    I see that you one a little something on Pams blog--- "Congratulations!"

    Carolyn :)

  7. Every time you show us your precious little pincushion I think it can't get any cuter - but it does!! I love your maple leaf blocks. Thank you for the sew along quilt blocks - I'm now two behind.

  8. The wool pincushion is fantastic and I love the scrap leaf blocks you've done.


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