Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some good news and some bad news

After our SSQSG meeting on Sunday, I figured out what was bothering me with my SAL quilt.  Kristine's orange and green blocks gave me my first clue.  Her 3 blocks with the warm background were so pleasing.  Also, the powerful orangy cheddar was in each block, therefore not calling attention to any one block in particular. When I got home, I discovered what I had was two different quilts.

The use of two different backgrounds worked so well in my 15 Block Sampler.  It helped differentiate the blocks from one another in a straight setting.
And in this sampler quilt, which will be on the cover of my Quilt Piecing 101 Manual, it was a pleasing design choice.  It helped unify a busy sampler quilt.
But I think with a streak of lightning setting and the powerful cheddar in only half the blocks, it just wasn't working. 

 So here is the bad news first.  I have to remake all the blocks with cheddar in them.  I don't have enough of the 'fireworks' background fabric to make many more blocks. 

And the good news is that I have a stunning candle mat and you all have a breather while I busily remake 5 blocks. How do you like the new setting fabric?  A little warmer, but a stripe! Am I crazy? Yes, but if they don't line up just perfectly, after quilting and a good wash, you will never be able to tell.
Here is a preview of the the new blocks.  The fabric they are posed on is definitely the backing for this quilt and just may find its way into a border. I told you to count on me making at least one, if not more, design changes in this quilt.
Now for a little segue--Blog Hopping.  I am enjoying the fall designer blog hop hosted by Gundrun.  Yesterday she posted a free pattern for a quilt as you go table runner with candy corn on it.  Cute, simple project for those of you lucky enough to have grandchildren!

Today, Sandy Gervais gave a free pattern for a wall hanging with a wool pumpkin on it.  Since I love pumpkins, that one just may find its way into my queue.

And you will notice that I jazzed up my blog!  I finally figured out how, Merumo. Enjoy!


  1. I actually don't mind the quilt body itself. The colours DO seem to work together, I find it's the border fabric (Jo's bisquits and jam sheep it looks like). The border fabric is competing with the blocks. I would add a light coloured border outside the sashing/cornerstones, then a more generic border. If you feel there is not enough cheddar, you could use corner blocks with the border that have cheddar in them. Bind in the sashing fabric. Even that dark blue stripe (also looks like a Jo) might serve just fine as a border. (JMHO Hee hee). Good luck!

  2. Looks like you have had an epiphany and changed your course. I love reading about the decision making process. And I can't believe that I just bought a length of that backing fabric that you have shown in your last photo.

  3. The new blocks are looking great. The candle mat was a good solution for the old blocks. It's interesting to hear how the design process can evolve.

  4. I find it sooo intersting to see what a difference colours make to blocks. Love your new blocks.
    Better get started sewing!


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